Destiny 2 titan lost sector locations guide

Jul 16 2019 2 min read

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The Titan Lost Sectors are some of the most interesting activities to do in Destiny 2. They are essentially some sort of mini-dungeons on the oceanic planet. In order to complete them, you will need to find the entrance, killing the carious pesky enemies inside and of course, a mini-boss fight. Once you do that, he will drop a special key which opens a cache. The loot chest itself is located at the end of the Lost Sector on Titan and it contains some amazing items.  

In total, they are only three of those sectors, which can make them pretty difficult to find. Having said that, here are some tips which will definitely make your life easier.

Where to actually find the Lost Sectors in Destiny 2?

Like I said earlier, they are located on Titan. The first one is close to the Siren's Watch, whereas the other two are near The Rig. 

  • As soon as you land at the Siren's Watch, you need to start looking for the Methane Flush. There should be some sort of a sign in the lowest level of the platform. As soon as you find it, just stand in front of it and go to your right. There should be some sort of a walkway there, so just follow it until you see a door.
  • The second Lost Sector is called Caro Bay 3 and it is in the north part of The Rig, under Bay 3. In order to go there, go to the railing station on the north side. Once there, jump over it and you`ll find yourself on the walkway below. Try looking out for a mark on the wall, which should be near the hole in the walkway. Once you find it, enter the room next to it and just follow the road.
  • The last one is called DS Quarters -2 and it is near the container platform at The Rig. Once again, you need to go towards Bay 3. After that, jump down to the right once you pass the steps there. Similar to before, there should be a door there, so just walk through it. It will lead you into the bay and when you are there, turn right. There should be yet another mark there so just follow the corridors

Like I mentioned earlier, the chest inside will give you decent gear. However, this will happen only when you open them for the first time. After that, it will only provide you with tokens.


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