Destiny 2: All Lost Sectors

Aug 16 2019 7 min read

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Similar to the previous titles, Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter which also has many role-playing and massively multiplayer online game elements that all add up to the popularity of this amazing title. Having said that, there is much cool stuff which you can in this game which ranges from random quests to dealing with raid bosses with your friends. 

Of course, there are many people who play this game without any people that they actually know. That's why Destiny 2 has a special feature for a more optimal way of matchmaking called "Guided Games". This thing allows the players to search for clans. Of course, those clans can be either player versus player or player versus enemies orientated but it is well worth finding one because it will make your game experience a lot better.

In addition to that, Destiny 2 introduces a few new activities for players to have fun with. One of the miscalled the Lost Sectors, which are basically very similar to dungeons - you have to fight a lot of enemies as well as a small boss who will drop a chest containing cool loot. What's more, those Lost Sectors are very important because they can keep track of the various targets of the Wanted bounties which you can get from Spider in the Tangled Shore. 

However, sometimes it might be pretty hard to actually spot those Lost Sectors. What's more, they also have some pretty strange names most of the times which is also not a good thing. 

Here is where you can find most of the Lost Sectors across the map.

EDZ Sectors

The first place where you can find a lot of Lost sectors is located in the European Dead Zone (also known as EDZ). This is no surprise because it offers the largest playable arena for players, which means that there will be a lot of those zones in it. Here are all of the currently known locations. Keep it in mind that this list is subject to change if there are new updates which can either add, remove or just replace some of the locations mentioned below.

  • The first one is found in Trostland wand its called Terminus east. You can get there once you exit the chapel
  • Atrium is the second one and it is inside the chapel in Trostland
  • Again, same place, this time on the left of the chapel - Widow's Walk
  • Scavenger's Den - unlike the rest, this one is located in the south of the Public event space, just below the bridge
  • The Drain - same place, this time though it is alongside the water's edge
  • In the Outskirts again but up in the trees in the northwest you will find the Whispered Falls
  • The Weep - right near the fast travel point in the Winding Cove
  • This one is located in the Firebase Hades, on the south of the cliffs. It's called Patfhfinder's Crash.
  • Excavation Site XII - same place as the one mentioned above, on the eastern cliffs.
  • The Pit - same place again, this time though it is below the Firebase
  • Skydock IV – Sunken Isles,  just below the Cabal ship
  • In the Sunken Isles again, but in the center of the area, you will find the Quarry.
  • Flooded Chasm - In the sough area of the Gulch
  • The next four places are all located in the Sludge. The first one is on the northwest side of the area and itis called "Hallowed Grave"
  • Next, we have the Cavern of Souls which is in the center of The Sludge
  • Shaft 13 – in the east side of The Sludge

Titan Lost 

This sector is definitely not as popular as the EDZ one. In fact, there are only three Lost Sectors on Titan, one of which is in the Siren's Watch and the other two in The Rig. What's more, they are also among the hardest to find because if the shear structure of this place. Of course, if you end up going there, the rewards for completing them will also be higher.

  • The first one is called Methane Flush and it is located in the Siren's Watch. In order to get there, you need to turn left from the Fast Travel Point near Sloane. When you do that, you will end up facing the Arcology and what you need to do next is to jump down to the closest platform. Needless to say, it is very important to actually land on its lower boardwalk because there are many traps there which you definitely do not want to come face to face with. Once you go there, the entrance to the Lost Sector will be through a big door.
  • Cargo Bay 3 - located in The Rig, you need to use the Fast Travel point and then run tot he left. Once you reach the Orange Bay3 section, go into the railing and look over the edge. The Lost Sector will be down there on the lower level, so it is pretty much impossible to miss. However, remember not to jump to the higher levels of this place because you will get lost.
  • The last place here is called DS Quarters-2 and it is located in The Rig again. This time though, you need to go into the Public Event area near the Wizzad Heroic. Once you go there, continue forward until you reach a flat place and then look for the Lost Sector sign on the ground.

 The Lost Sectors in Nessus

This place is very similar to the EDZ and it also has a common thing with Titan. Having said that, this means that it has more Lost Sectors compared to Titan but they are also not that easy to find like on EDZ. At the time of this article, there are only five areas where you can find the Lost Sectors and each of them has only one.

  • The first place is called Orrey and it is located in the Artifact's Edge. In order to get there, jump from the Fast Travel point and then go to the left where the Vex spawn is. After that, just continue down until you see the Lost Sector.
  • Exodus Black also contains a Lost Sector called Rift and it is located directly across from the Fast Travel point. In fact, this might be one of the easiest ones to find.
  • Carrion Pit - Located in the Glade of Echos, this one is below the middle of this area where there will be a tunnel. Just go there and follow it through and you will be able to find it.
  • Conflux – The Cistern. Once you get there, there will be a very large three and an entrance to this Nessus Lost Sector which is just behind the waterfall.
  • The last place here is the Ancient's Haunt in The Tangle. In order to get there, head to the right of the Well of Dust and then just look for the cave in the wall by the tree. It will be covered in red fungus.

Io Lost Sectors

Unlike the other places, there are only three of them here. However, all of them are fairly easy to find because the zone is easy to navigate through.

  • The first one is called Aphix Conduit and it is located in The Rapture, in the very southeast of this area. You will need to walk a bit until you get there but it will be very hard to miss it once you go.
  • Sanctum of Bones is the second Lost Sector which is also located in The Rupture. However, this time it is directly across from Asher Mir in a cave.
  • The last place here is in the Lost Oasis and it's called the Grave of Ulan-Tan. Getting here might be a little bit trickier compared to the rest because you need to turn left from the Fast Travel spawn point and then follow the big cliff. Once you go to its very end, there will be a cave in the wall which is basically the Lost Point. However, careful not to jump down by accident because this is definitely something that you will not want to do.

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