Dendi might be tired but definitely not retired

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What waits for him on path ahead after Natus Vincere?

After being a part of Natus Vincere for eight years, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is nowhere near his retirement as many may think. He’s been playing for Na'Vi since 2010 and won plenty of tournaments, including The International. Ukrainian player holds the record of most matches played in a team – 1561.

Showing his gratitude to the former organization and wishing luck to the new roster, Danil decided to find a new team where he could make full use of his professional experience. As b2ru said, Na’Vi’s former mid player might as well leave his home region and move to the US, Europe or Asia.

Curious how this situation is going to unravel, considering there’s not so much time before the new Dota 2 competitive season starts. One thing for sure, the legendary player will easily find a new “home”. Who will Dendi join, how do you think?

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