DeepMind AI crushed professional StarCraft 2 players

Jan 25 2019 3 min read

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A couple of hours ago Deepmind and Blizzard held an event that included an exhibition of StarCraft 2 professionals vs. a custom AIs (or “agents”, as the custom AI community refers to them). In a few words, the professionals were crushed by the Deepmind agent.

During the broadcast, Artosis and RotterdaM cast six replays featuring Team Liquid players Grzegorz "MaNa" Komincz and Dario "TLO" Wünsch who played vs. the various iterations of Deepmind agent named AlphaStar. Each game was played on the same map in the Protoss vs. Protoss matchup. During every game shown on the replays, AlphaStar had the upper hand and won by a significant margin.

This is TLO, aka Doctor Dario, aka The WunderWunsch.

This is MaNa, he has been staring in my soul for years now.

MaNa and TLO are very decorated active professional players, although the last one’s primary race is Zerg.

When I saw the Deepmind agent defeating Dendi in a 1v1 Dota 2 game, I was impressed, but not too surprised. Than Deepmind delivered five agents able to perform in the much more complex 5v5 game mode, and I was even more impressed. I didn’t really believe, that bots would become efficient enough to stomp against real-life pros in StarCraft 2 though.

The reason why I believed so is that in StarCraft 2 you get to control dozens or even hundreds of units at the same time, and that has to be done by an individual agent (again, in Dota 2 games each hero is controlled by a separate bot). StarCraft 2 strategies are built around scouting and reaction to a much more significant extent than Dota 2.

I was thoroughly impressed and surprised by the way the bots stomped professional players, who I have been following and adoring for several years. My personal planet set back into its orbit during the last game played live on the stream when MaNa finally outplayed Alpha. And, by the way, in the original five games shown on the stream, AlphaStar has global vision and can even "see" cloaked units (though can't target them).

The stream was very educational overall and recommended for watching.


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