Death Stranding new trailer revealed — and explained

May 29 2019 3 min read

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The official PlayStation channel has published a new trailer for Death Stranding, which is again able to surprise and warm up the wait. No spoilers: you should see everything yourself. And then read the explanation below, if you didn't get it all.

The leaked information on the release date received an official confirmation. The project will be available on November 8, 2019 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. In addition to the standard edition, they showed the contents of three collectible ones:

Trailer explained

If you didn't get it, let's dig up. Trailer number three gives away everything about the gameplay loop and something about the main story. Death Stranding is a third-person sci-fi action game that takes place after a huge explosion that caused something that's called Timefall. There's the rain that speeds up and ages whatever it touches. We saw it in previous trailers, we can see it again here, with the dead crow before Sam. Ironically, the only thing that can save living beings is plastic, so humans build and create everything from it (by the way, this is how Kojima hints people about the planet's pollution, as plastic will outlive us all, you know).

People build plastic bases and suits to protect themselves, and the main character is some kind of a delivery man going between these bases. We can't say confidently what is he delivering, but this child in a tube might hold some special power, or perhaps has something that most everyone else is missing, such as the ability to reproduce or see the "ghosts". Sam, our hero, makes his way across Shadow America which has dark world void traps and is patrolled by demon mercenaries led by the Smoking Man. Sam wants (but not from the start, as we can say by the dialogues in the trailer) to save the human race and unite people in togetherness. 

When Sam encounters enemies or bosses, they kill you and you end up switching to the first-person mode in this purgatory dimension searching for your body. When you find your body you enter your mouth and the naked baby giving you a thumbs up acts as a transition back to the third person "reality". Every death seems to leave a handprint on Sam's body. Then you continue on your journey, rinse and repeat. Sam is the one to build "Bridges" with "Ropes" to reunite people and save humanity.

Kojima said that the game will revolve around building a "rope" with players around the world. Most likely a connection like a more advanced version of Dark Souls. People built walls and got used to living in isolation. Character's goal is building links between isolated cities and a fragmented society. 


As we have learned, the Japanese trailer had 30 seconds more of gameplay footage which consists of a boss fight and some beautiful pictures.

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