Death Stranding: Ending explained

Nov 21 2019 3 min read

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Death Stranding came out just a couple of weeks ago, and it has already taken over the world. It's based in an open world environment where you have to do many exciting things in order to survive. That said, depending on the choices you make during the first couple of hours, you can have a very different ending. 

Let's take a look and see what can you expect from the ending of Death Stranding.

The pacifist

Although Death Stranding doesn't really have the same in-depth gameplay choices, such as other games out there, it is still pretty cool to play. In fact, there are many choices that you can do in-game that will avoid any conflict you may enter in. For example, that's precisely what you need to do early on in the game when you are meeting BTs. There is no point in engaging in a fight with them when you have no chance of success. However, once you get the proper weapons up and running, you can easily take down every single BT that starts in your way.

How to properly avoid BTs in Death Stranding?

We've mentioned before that the only chance to avoid BTs early on is to use a particular scan instrument that you have on you. It will start shining in a different color, depending on how close is BT. For example, if you see it way back, it will be white. Once you start approaching it, it will become Orange, and when you're right on next to it, it will begin to glow and spin around. Needless to say, that's when things will get pretty ugly because you will have to fight for your life.

What are exactly BTs?

For someone that hasn't followed the story of Death Stranding, it might be pretty hard to explain what are BTs exactly. First, the Bleached Things are basically your biggest enemies in Death Stranding. They used to be humans that sadly died and now turned into these mindless monsters. 

BTs are a clear example of why you should be very careful when you shoot with guns against other players. The last thing you want is to kill someone because he will turn into a BT himself.

Can you have a different ending in Death Stranding depending on your choices?

To make a long story short, Death Stranding has only one end, which is one big cutscene that's pretty cool. It doesn't really matter if you try to avoid BTs at all costs, or you just go straight into a fight with them. Of course, some players may eventually find some hidden easter eggs and have a different type of ending. However, as of today, there is only one way in which this game can end.

We don't want to spoil anything more about this awesome game. If you haven't played it yet, we definitely advise you to give it a try as you will quickly fell in love with it.


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