DBFZ Patch Notes 1.25: Bandai Namco Go Big In New Update

Sep 15 2020 6 min read

Patch Notes 1:25 added a slew of buffs for several characters ensuring that the game is more balanced

The official Dragon Ball Fighterz patch notes were released yesterday to a flurry of reactions as DBFZ fans all over lost their collective minds over the changes made. This also comes after the game added updates targeting rage quitters which could permanently get them banned from online games. One glance at the Dragon Ball Fighterz patch notes, and you can immediately understand the reason for the excitement. Bandai Namco entertainment played a blinder here as patch notes 1.25 is quite big and fixes issues that the Dragon Ball community has had to contend with.

Aside from the addition of Master Roshi, the new balance patch brings so much to the table. While it's too early to claim that season 3 will be better than DBFZ season 2, there is a lot to be optimistic about.

In this piece, we'll examine some of the most significant changes and how it could affect gameplay for this Bandai Namco entertainment juggernaut.


Piccolo is a character that most Dragon Ball Fighterz players will agree is about mid-tier. But in this new update, he got a number of buffs that are sure to make him a more popular character to play with. For instance, his demon slicer move can be activated faster when an opponent is in mid-air hitstun. What this means is that combos will now be easier to implement, which was something that wasn't in the last set of patch notes. Apart from that, his H demon elbow move also got an update as you are less likely to suffer a whiff punish when it doesn't connect or startup. This would be useful for many players and should see the move utilized more often.

On the flip side, some changes were made to the Hell zone grenade. In previous iterations of Dragon Ball Fighterz, the grenade would explode even if deflected by a Z reflect. This subtle animation could be a problem for opponents who might get confused as to whether they suffered damage or not. So, with the new patch, the grenade no longer explodes when deflected, which allows opponents to see clearer, and perhaps react a little faster.

Apart from these significant changes, a few of the other ones implemented were:

  • Increased stun time for the Z assist B type, and the character also appears further forward.
  • His S move can now be charged
  • His mid-air medium demon slicer is sped up when the opponent is in midstun



Cell was already a pretty popular character in the game, but with the new Dragon Ball Fighterz update, he is sure to become even more popular. In the latest patch notes, Cell can now perform an extra jump or a mid-air dash when his mid-air perfect attack connects, which is a huge deal. That's not all as his mid-air perfect attack now deals increased damage, and the medium and heavy mid-air versions take a shorter time to activate.

Furthermore, his Kamehameha will cause opponents to bounce off the ground, which can be useful for implementing some sick combos.

His other improvements are on the Z assist and the camera shift during his 2H attack.


Gotenks has arguably the biggest buffs in the latest Dragon Ball Fighterz patch notes with the improvement of a couple of his combos. For instance, the second hit of one of his combos has been touched up, reducing the likelihood of the combo dropping. In addition, you can easily transition into a galactic donut and perform a super dash right after the move. Also, players can now cancel while doing the miracle super punch, which could, of course, be useful in a handful of ways.


In addition to the above, his Z assist has also been upgraded, which allows for excellent mobility and flexibility. Gotenks was already a pretty badass character; this new set of buffs will only serve to excite users more.

DBFZ patch notes


While Krillin didn't get a ton of changes, what the patch notes did buff is quite remarkable. In the latest DBFZ patch, the distance Krillin can cover with his 5M and 5H are greatly increased. This enables him to start combos from an even greater distance. On top of that, his Kamehameha has greater flexibility as the character can now move left or right while charging the attack. That's not all, as Krillin can also cancel his momentum with ease if and when necessary.

Android 16

The menacing machine also got a fair few buffs, including added invincibility against projectiles and Z assist when performing a dynamite driver. In addition, you can now execute a super dash after a successful gliding powerbomb. On top of that, his hell heat move can now connect with opponents who are in a sliding knockdown. It should, however, be noted that this is only possible from close range. His Z assists also have a bit of a makeover with adjusted damage and hitstops.


Blue Vegeta

Blue Vegeta got a slew of changes, all of which probably can't be listed here. But, the most important bit is what they did with his key blasts. Prior to this new set of patch notes, Blue Vegeta could not 2H an opponent who dashes through the blasts, but now, he can cancel the blasts and transition into a big bang attack. This is in addition to the changes made to his Niagara pummel. In the new Dragon Ball FighterZ update, Blue Vegeta's Niagara pummel now sends the opponent upward before delivering a beatdown. What's more, the character can now move if another input hits the opposition.

Meanwhile, his super, final flash has also been sped up.

Android 17

Android 17 finally got some joy in the latest patch notes as he now has moves that can be performed in mid-air. Prior to this, Android 17 had a considerable disadvantage in that he barely had any mid-air moves. Thankfully, this has been fixed in this latest patch as he can now execute second gear and fake-out in the air. This is great for players who admire Android 17 but have so far been unable to use him due to his air weaknesses.


Videl really got a lot of love in the new Dragon Ball FighterZ patch notes, as she has been incredibly buffed. Now she can execute an array of combos that were impossible for her beforehand, and her 5L attack has been extended downwards. Not only that, but the Videl rush also got some updates as it was sped up, and the distance covered during the grounded version is a lot more.

Whether this would be enough to make her a more popular character remains to be seen, but with the number of buffs added to her character, she is undoubtedly a more interesting pick right now.

There are still a bunch of characters that were touched up, and you can read the definitive patch notes here.


Blue Vegeta


The general reception for the new patch notes has been positive, and we saw quite a number of buffs, which indicates that the developers are looking to make all the fighters stronger in a bid to balance the game. It was unfortunate that characters like Black Goku and UI Goku didn't get some of the buffs that fans have been clamoring for, but all in all, it seems we are in for an excellent third season.


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