There are different controls in DS 3 depending on the platform.


Dark Souls 3 is one of the most interesting games in its genre. Ever since it got released in 2016, the game has accumulated a massive fan base throughout the world. Having said that, the title is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Of course, the different platforms also have different controls, which is why it is important to know beforehand what to expect.

However, when it comes down to playing on a PC, you should know that you can use either a gamepad or a keyboard and a mouse. Either way, there will be tons of combinations which are very hard to remember. Having said that, here are all the needed commands you should know.

Controls in Dark Souls 3

The controls in this game are fairly similar to the previous titles with the exception of a few weapons. However, this information is only useful if you actually played the previous title. As it often happens though, this is not the case. Having said that, here are the following controls on a PC if you decide to use a keyboard and a mouse.

  • W/A/S/D - Similar to pretty much any game ever, you can move using these keys.
  • Left Click - this will trigger a normal attack from your hero.
  • Right Click - Yet another classic, it will block
  • Shift + Left Click - This will deliver a very strong attack. Definitely a must in the hard fights.
  • W + Shift + Left Mouse Button - It is important to know that this combination needs to be pressed simultaneously. If you succeed, it will perform a strong  Jump attack which does a lot of damage.
  • W + Left Mouse Button - Similar to the previous one, it needs to be pressed simultaneously.  It will basically brake the enemies guard.
  • Q - Camera Rest/Target Lock
  • E - Interact/Pickup
  • R - Use Item
  • F - Two-Hand Right weapon
  • Hold F - Unlike just pressing F, this one will use your two-handed left weapon. It is very useful in some difficult fights.
  • Press and Hold (W,A,S,D, W+A, W+D, S+A or S+D) + Space - These are a lot of combinations for you to remember but just try to do it once step at a time. They will basically allow you to dodge spells and attacks, which is very useful in pretty much all scenarios.
  • Press and Hold One of the directions and then hold Space - This combination will make you run. It is a very effective escape mechanism.
  • Press and hold one of the directions + Hold Space + Press Space again - Jump
  • Left Ctrl - One of the easiest and effective key usage that will allow you to Parry or perform a Weapon art.
  • Left Shift + Right Mouse Button -  This combination will perform different weapon art, depending on the actual weapon that you have.
  • Left Alt - Walk
  • Left Ctrl + Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button - a very cool mechanic which is definitely interesting to watch. It will perform a Bow Weapon Art with Zoom.
  • Left Shift + Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button - Similar to the one above. However, this time the art will be without zoom, which is still pretty cool to watch.

Changing the controls

If you have any troubles learning the key combinations, you can always change them. In order to do that, you need to go to the Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Device Manager.

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