Dark Souls 3: Havel's Ring

Jul 30 2019 2 min read

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Havel’s Ring is its nerfed Dark Souls counterpart in Dark Souls 3, one of many other Rings in the game. Havel’s Ring increases your maximum equip load by 15%, while the weight is 1.5. +1 and +2 versions give you +17% and +18% correspondingly while Havel’s Ring +3 gives you +19% to your maximum equip load. It also provides you with some rolling speed while wearing heavy armor. This ring is worth wearing mostly if you were investing in Vigor, otherwise, its usability will be doubtful. The higher the Viggor level is - the more useful this item will be.  

“A ring for warriors keen on heavy accoutrements. Increases maximum equip load.

This ring was named after Havel the Rock, the battlefield compatriot of Gwyn, the First Lord.

The art of war has been a constant since ages past, and those who would follow in Havel's footsteps are no fewer now than in his own day.”

Where to find the Havel’s Ring?

The basic version can be created out of Soul of a Stray Demon and 5,000 souls via the Soul Transposition. Both of these components are being dropped by the Stray Demon himself who resides in the topmost area of the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.

  • Havel’s Ring +1 (available during the New Game +) will be on a corpse downstairs from the Great Belfry bonfire in the ruins on the left near patrolling giant enemies.
  • Version + 2 (New Game ++): below the Prison Tower in Irithyll of The Boreal Valley there is a wooden beam and the Ring itself will be on it.
  • Version + 3 (DLC The Ringed City): the same location as where Dark Spirit Ledo invades, but below. Get your Ring above the swamp on the ledges.

Havel’s Ring or Boulder Heave?

Some players are struggling with choosing between these two, but most of them prefer the Ring, because outside of a dedicated Pyromancer build, Boulder Heave feels useless due to its mediocre cast time and range together with not the best damage, while Havel’s Ring is needed for equipping Greatshields without spending tons of points and easily staying below 70% load.

Good luck with your walkthrough!


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