Dark Souls 3 DLC: Ringed City Lapp NPC locations

Jul 30 2019 3 min read

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Dark Souls III is one of the most interesting action role-playing games played from a third-person perspective. Players can have a wide variety of weapons which have different effects. In addition to that, similar to Demon's Souls, you can now cast spells and magic. If you want to know more about that, make sure to read our previous Dark Souls article.

Apart from a wide variety of weapons and spells, there are also many NPC's in the game that provides you with different stuff. One of them is Lapp, an NPC in Dark Souls III Ringed City DLC.  You can find this NPC in the Dreg Heap. Once you go there, look around for a knight. When you talk to him, he will always provide you with different pieces of advice as well as hints which can help you find some amazing items. 

In addition to that, Lapp will also transit to a vendor later in the game. What's more, you will also have a quest with him and if you do it, he will reward you with a very cool armor. Interested? Let's take a look at where to find this guy and how to finish his quest.

Where to search for this interesting NPC in Ringed City?


It is important to know that there are several times where you will meet Lapp in this DLC. That's why if you missed it at first, nothing is lost.

  • The first meeting with him will be held in the Dreg Heap. You need to go there and look for a bonfire and when you find it, just go down the hill. After a brief walking period, you will experience some visual effects of falling stones and suddenly, you will find yourself near a wall. Follow this wall until you see a building in front of you. Then, enter the building and just follow the path. It will lead you to a place where there will be a tower and it will fall down, allowing you to walk on it in order to go to the location.
  • If you missed your first chance, here is the second way to find him. The second encounter will be held in a place called Earthen peak Ruins. When you go there and talk to him, he will start explaining about a treasure located in a nearby swamp. Go there and examine until you find a Titanite Slab. Grab it and head back to Lapp and he will give you a Siegbrau.
  • The third time you meet him will be near the Ringed Inner Wall Bonfire. When you go there, he will give you yet another Siegbrau.
  • You might think you are done but that's not the case. The fourth time you`ll stumble across Lapp will be after you find the Purging Monument. Go there and jump down from it and just run so that you won't fall down. After a short period of time, there should be a bridge there which you need to go through.
  • Last, but not least, the final encounter will be near the Shared Grave bonfire. You need to cross the stone bridge and then look for a room which should be on the right. You will be able to find his armor in front of the room.

Where to find  the Purging Monument (Lapp's Quest)

This Monument is located near the Ringer City Streets bonfire. The task of finding its a little bit tricky but if you do it, it will be a very important part of Lapp's questline. 

Also, if you don't feel like doing anything go the mentioned above, you can also just go and kill him. You will be able to buy his armor later from the Handmaiden at Firelink Shrine. However, it is definitely not advisable to do so because you will miss out on a lot from the game's story.


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