A handy exchange guide.

Near the Firelink Shrine or its roof, there is a nest with a couple of invisible traders in there. They will give you different items in exchange for ones you’re leaving in the nest. Too bad, that the game itself doesn’t tell you what item you will get in exchange. That’s where our small guide comes in handy to show you the crow trading list for Dark Souls 3, as well as where to find the crow nest vendor.

Finding The Crow Merchants

As said before, the crow's nest is on the Firelink Shrine roof, the Handmaiden has the Tower Key to get there and it costs 20,000 souls. There are stairs on the right that will lead you to the top floor. After you pass the alcoves all you need to do is to use the key you bought before and go upwards and jump onto the roof if you’re sure you have enough health to survive the landing, and if not — jump on the pillar first. The nest will be in the middle of the roof, the ladder will also be near if you need a shortcut.

Crow Merchant Item Trading List



Alluring Skull

“Hello” Carving


Titanite Scale x3

Bellvine Catalyst

“Help Me” Carving

Black Firebomb

Titanite Chunk x3

Blacksmith Hammer

Titanite Scale

Coiled Sword Fragment

Titanite Slab

Divine Blessing

“Very Good” Carving


Hollow Gem


Large Titanite Shard

Hidden Blessing

“Thank You” Carving

Homeward Bone

Iron Bracers

Large Leather Shield

Twinkling Titanite

Lightning Urn

Iron Helm

Loretta’s Bone

Ring of Sacrifice

Mendicant’s Staff

Sunlight Shield

Moaning Shield

Blessed Gem

Prism Stone

Twinkling Titanite

Rope Firebomb

Large Titanite Shard

Seed of a Tree of Giants

Iron Leggings


Armour of The Sun

Shriving Stone

“I’m Sorry” Carving

Undead Bone Shard

Porcine Shield

Vertebrae Shackle

Lucatiel Mask

Xanthous Crown

Lightning Gem

Keep in mind that each trade can only be done once per playthrough. Carvings will only be awarded once per character and unlike in Dark Souls, you don’t have to quit the game in order to proceed with the trade, just drop it, any number of items per once.

That’s it, good luck with trading, fellow merchant.

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