Danish machine Astralis was accepted in EU LCS

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Danish machine Astralis was accepted in EU LCS

A New era of Danish eSport will begin!

If you breathe for MOBA games, you probably played the most popular title League of Legends, which is the most dominated and watched title in the eSport industry. On a competitive level, the most prestige league will be definitely EU LCS (meaning for Europe, the World Championship rule them all). With the new season coming, there will be a new format which not every team can fulfil. 

EU LCS moves to a franchise model (teams have to pay for participating in the league) with permanent partners. With that said, we can confirm an end for legendary organisations such as Giants Gaming, Unicorns of Love, Team ROCCAT or H2k

However, if one era end, something new will come. And here our story begins. Danish Counter-Strike gigant, more known as a team Astralis is a brand new organization founded by players itself in 2016. Danish stars won its second CS:GO Major title in two years (the most prestige event in  CS:GO, supported by Valve) and now expand to League of Legends water.  According to the press conference, Astralis has been accepted as a franchise partner for the European League Championship Series, where the team will lead ex-pro player and popular Danish commentator Martin “Deficio” Lynge

Now when it is all confirmed, Astralis will have to pay Riot Games 10.5 million euros over a multiyear period for the franchise slot. Danish is one of five new teams that will join existing organizations G2 Esports, Fnatic, Misfits, Schalke 04 Esports and Team Vitality in the league.

So what do you think, will be the League of Legends division dominating as much as their CS:GO colleagues? 

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