Dan Louie named new Street Fighter community specialist

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Dan Louie named new Street Fighter community specialist

The eclectic player

Capcom has announced the appointment of Dan Louie as its new social media & community specialist for Street Fighter

Louie has his work cut out for him though, as Street Fighter V: Champion Edition's netcode issues have taken center stage. Funny enough, this time it's because it's a bit better than it has been since launch. 

Following the release of a fan-made mod which has improved the net code issues faced by Street Fighter V PC players, the community has been waiting for Capcom to make a move. PlayStation 4 players suffer adverse effects when matched against players that use said mod, so many expect Capcom to ban it while majority hope that this pushes the developer to fix the issue once and for all. 

Louie has worked in the game industry for 10 years across different jobs. He's also a Street Fighter veteran from the arcade days and has competed in some tournaments. However, his preference in video games varies across different genres. 

The community has been welcoming since the announcement and his experience as a player and competitor means that Louie should be able to empathize with all parties. 

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