Daedalic and Funatics team up for Viking-themed strategy title Valhalla Hills

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Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has teamed up with Funatics to bring Viking-themed strategy game Valhalla Hills to the PC later this year.


Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has teamed up with Funatics (best known, at least recently, for mobile title Panzer General Online) to bring Viking-themed strategy game Valhalla Hills to the PC later this year.


Powered by the Unreal 4 engine, Valhalla Hills focuses on a "Viking Clan struggling to survive in a harsh mountain region as they attempt to build a "Valhalla on Earth." 



The game's describes as a civilization-builder, rather than a military-focused RTS, but it also features light rogue-like mechanics and procedurally-generated terrain. The obvious influence behind the game's colourful world and cartoonist style is fellow strategy series Settlers (and in fact this game's creative director happens to be Settlers 2 lead programmer Thomas Häuser), but it will be interesting to see what Funatics means by a "rogue-like mechanic".



“Funatics and Daedalic are a match made in the heroic halls of Valhalla - two creative powerhouses working together on one great game means gamers can expect wonderful things with Valhalla Hills," says Carsten Fichtelmann, CEO and founder of Daedalic. "We are very proud of how the game is shaping up and can’t wait to share it with the world."


Valhalla Hills will be released on Steam Early Access on August 24, with a full release expected sometime in Q4 2015.



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