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So, you have already registered in Contract Wars...

Perfect, but what should you do next? To powerlevel! And in order to powerlevel effectively, you should understand what skills and weapons in the game are the most useful and pleasant, and to have at least some knowledge about them. And what if you see the game first time in your life? Exactly for the "smallest" this article is written. We will talk about skills separately, and now let’s talk about weapons.


From the very beginning I’d like to note two important points:


1. In this article I offer you only my own opinion about the weapons and methods of their powerleveling. It may be different from someone else’s opinion and shouldn’t be the only true. Also weapons’ characteristics shown on screenshots are specified in accordance with my method of powerleveling.

2. I describe only the weapon that can be bought for the game credits or received for free. Let’s leave alone the "golden" weapon, because if you can calmly put real money in the game, then I think you can choose any gun for your soul. At the end of this article I will give a couple of recommendations concerning “golden” weapons.



So, now some words about the tactics which I find the most effective for powerleveling and corresponding assignment of skills that will influence the choice of maps and weapons for them.

I consider Deathmatch mode as the most effective way of powerleveling for small "meat" maps, which allows you to shoot the maximum number of frags per a unit of time, and thus to receive the maximum amount of experience. Yes, there can be other options: sniping, killing of VIPs, etc., but it seems to me that to maximize the number of frags is the fastest and easiest way for high-level content.

Further in the text I will proceed from the assumption that you have half a day free and a will to reach 40 + levels (ideally up to 59) during this time.

Based on this, from the very beginning we will need two skills that will help us much: triple experience ("Careerist" branch) and a fragmentation grenade EFD ("Destroyer" branch). They can be powerleveled from the start (as you already have some GP and SP), and they will greatly help you in powerleveling. Triple experience is enough to be taken for one day, if you want to powerlevel fast from the very start. The grenade will be useful for you throughout the game (even better to buy a second grenade at least for one day for 15 GP - it will increase your efficiency much). Of course, the other skills of "Careerist" branch will be also useful, but it‘s up to your wallet. We will talk about skills separately in the next article.

For powerleveling we choose the smallest map in the game: bay5, in Deathmatch mode. Our tactic: straight off the reel we throw a grenade at random in direction of one of the large open spaces which usually are crowded with people – as a rule, it’s +1, and sometimes 2-3 frags (and if you have two grenades, about half of the total amount of your frags be due to them). And then, being in constant motion, kill everyone who gets to our aiming sight, trying, of course, to die less frequently.
Everything is very easy, repeat until the required result

Accordingly, all further powerleveling of skills and weapon choice will be aimed at improving of three main aspects: knockdown ability, mobility, accuracy (exactly in this order). Also, it is extremely important to increase your character's vitality by increasing armor, HP and ammo in your loading case.

And now let’s talk directly about the weapons.



What do we have in the first set from the start? Usually, these are Makarov gun permanently and MP5SD6 for one day.

The first thing we do is throwing out Makarov gun. This weapon is not totally useless in the game, but is not the best option even for start. The gun, though being an additional weapon, is very important anyway. In our case, we need a gun that has a high density of fire and rapid changing. We will use it when we run out of bullets in the main weapon, and there is no time to change the loading case, just for killing the enemy at close range.

In starting set, APS (Stechkin automatic pistol) is the best weapon for these purposes. It will be our best friend for a very, very long time (and for those who do not want to buy a gun using GP - maybe even for the whole game):



This pistol has accuracy quite enough for shooting at short and middle distances, high mobility and knockdown ability, but at the same time it has a good rapidity of fire, and the most important thing - the ability to shoot bursts, which in most cases allows you to finish off 1-2 opponents quickly, in case of bullets lack in your primary weapon, and then quietly go for reloading. Also it has good ammo, so if you just run out of ammunition to the base, you can still be alive for quite long time with a “faithful” Steckin in your hand.

A small remark: if you have problems with ammunition and the enemy is close, do not avoid using a knife. In CW knife kills anyone at the first stroke. So even in case when you have ammo, it can be very useful if the enemy came out from point-blank range. I recommend reassigning the default button for the knife to a more comfortable (personally, I have a knife on Q, and granate on E).

Now let’s talk about the primary weapon. Most likely, from the very beginning you will receive MP5SD6 for one day:



...and it’s very good for two reasons:


First, it‘s quite a good gun which will serve you faithfully, and could become your favorite weapon for some time. Yes, It is “golden”, so if you want to keep it forever, you will need to buy it. It has a great for this class of weapon accuracy, with not removable optics that allows you to hit the target masterfully in the medium and even long distances, and makes this gun universal. At the same time it has average as for pistol-carbine rapidity of fire and knockdown ability, as well as loading case for 30 bullets, which is sufficient for implementation of the most tasks.

Second, one of the first contracts in the game which you need to implement is exactly a certain number of frags shot from MP5SD6. And even if you do not receive it from start, it’s better to buy it at least for one day – bonuses for implementation of the contract will repay your expenditures even with a little overlap.

If you didn’t receive MP5SD6 from the start, let’s turn our eyes to the starting credit pistol-carbines from the first set: MP5k and “KEDR”. I will not write about MP5k, to tell you the truth, I frankly didn’t like it. But we will turn our attention to KEDR in more detail:



Although this pistol-carbine is considered to be the weakest, but it is not true. Even I, at my 60 + + level, sometimes run with it. This is simply due to its remarkable rapidity of fire and accuracy. With enough skills this weapon can be turned into a hell headshot machine. At the same time it is a very easy w-task for it, and after just a half-hour game you can hang a muffler on it, which will not only raise your stealth, but also increase the accuracy.

However “KEDR” has two serious drawbacks: low knockdown ability that forces to shoot exclusively in the head. When shooting in a body, and the enemy opens reprisal fire, a chance to survive is rapidly decreasing. As well as only 20 bullets in a loading case which, along with a high rate of fire, become a real problem: as a rule, using 1 loading case you manage to kill only one enemy. In this case our faithful APS from the first slot will help us in some way.

Also in the first set we have assault rifle KAC PDW which, on one hand, is universal and is good for the middle distances, but on the other hand – it is not our choice, as we opted “meat” on a small map, and hence the short-distance shooting, in which KAC PDW substantially has a lack of rapidity of fire, and a sniper rifle SV-98, which is certainly not our choice in this case (though itself it is quite good for those who want to go the way of sniper).


And one more diamond in the first set of weapons is a masterpiece double-barreled gun “ИЖ-43”:



You will receive it if you have 15 friends playing in CW. I highly recommend you to get such friends (in extreme case, the corresponding topic in official CW group will help you, of course, if you don’t mind the presence of unfamiliar people in your friends list on VKontakte page), because the shotgun is just an uber weapon in the game in general, and “ИЖ-43” issimply amazing.

Let's start with the fact that at short range or minimal distance it kills from one shot an absolute majority of the players (except those who have powerleveled bulletproof vest, but you will not meet such players at first levels). Two bullets in barrel = two guaranteed dead bodies on your way. Besides, you can shoot a doublet (shooting switch is Z by default), it is a certain guarantee for the middle distance also. But you do not have the right for mistake, as most likely you will not have a chance to reload in case of a miss.

Even at the middle and long distances “ИЖ-43” often makes headshots, and in case of body shot it will not please the enemy also - if even it doesn’t take 100% HP, it will surely send a shot down enemy to the “lands of good hunting”. Upon that you are not very dependent on your basic accuracy and sharpshooting: it’s enough to send a bullet somewhere in the direction of the silhouette of the enemy. Because it’s a shotgun pellet! The accuracy of a gun will increase with an appearance of holographic sight after implementation of a not very hard w-task.

If we are talking about shotguns, in the first set there is another fruit of a sick imagination of gunsmiths – revolver-shotgun Raging Judge. It’s certainly weaker than “ИЖ-43”, but on the other hand, it’s a pistol! And 5 bullets in cylinder makes you feel comfortable. These advantages are stultified by a low mobility and very long weapon change-over and reloading. The weapon is quite interesting, but rather from a cognitive point of view, than as a "workhorse." I will recommend it to someone who is not much worried to spend a bit of GP for diversity and exotic.



It's simple: there is nothing interesting for us in credit weapons.

Benelli is not bad, but “ИЖ-43” with due experience of handling is better. Bison without w-task is just disgusting in accuracy, and even a big loading case does not save the situation. SCAR-L is good as a continuation after the KAC PDW, but for our tactics it has the same drawbacks. And finally RPK-74, with its excellent knockdown ability and the number of bullets in the loading case, much loses in accuracy like all the other machine-guns. However, if you already have a good powerleveled accuracy till the second set, you should pay your attention to it. But, in my opinion, RPK-74 is an individually suited gun.

As for me, I would recommend you to overleap the second set of weapons and continue to use the weapons you liked in the first set.

The only exception in the second set is “golden” carbine Mk14 EBR CQB, which you will receive for one day upon reaching the 10th level:



Despite the fact that this weapon is not the best choice for close combat, it has a great combination of accuracy characteristics, knockdown ability and rapidity of fire, allowing you to feel yourself perfectly at a midrange, and often at a long distance. Even on small maps like bay5 many people like to use it, and not without reason! I recommend you to try this carbine, you may like it.



Here, considering the specificity of our powerleveling, we are interested in two pistol-carbine: Magpul PDR-C, which you can get for 50 friends (the topic concerning friends’ adding will help you), and more widespread “Veresk”:



“Veresk” has everything what “KEDR” lacks, in particular, an increased loading case and knockdown ability... And after three triple-kills made with the help of “Veresk”, you can add a muffler and a collimating sight to it, which will allow you to shoot at a middle and long distances. It’s definitely our choice!


And besides, when you reach level 20, you will receive AS “Val” (Automatic Special "Val") for one day. It’s another “golden” weapon which you may like:




“Val” is more than worthy combination of accuracy, knockdown ability and rapidity of fire, along with non-removable shot sound muffler and a collimator – all these make this automatic really universal for shooting at any distance. The only significant drawback is 20 bullets in the loading case, very often they are not enough.



The fourth set has a lot of masterpieces. All weapons from this set are interesting and useful for us. The choice depends only on your individual preferences.



Scorpio ... Quite low knockdown ability is compensated by a great for pistol-carbine accuracy and extremely low recoil, allowing shooting at heads at any convenient for you distance. And a terrific rapidity of fire is attached.

M4A1 Custom is a continuation of an assault rifles line. Everyone who likes the middle distance will like it for sure. After w-task completion the rifle will be also equipped with a shot sound muffler and collimator, which make life much easier. The weapon is more than decent, but in conditions of “meat” is not our choice ...


“Saiga” ... Everything we were dreaming for so long time while stuffing opponents with shotgun pellet from “ИЖ-43”... In particular, 8 bullets in the loading case and semi-automatic firing mode! Just a fairy tale, you should have it in your collection for sure!

Note: do not put aiming sight even after w-task completion - bullet cartridge brings all the advantages of a shotgun to nothing.


And, of course, H&K MP7 – it’s almost “Veresk”, but in another modification... Well, I mean, it's even better. If you like “Veresk”, then MP7 is exactly what you need.

Separately I would also like to write about an uber weapon of the whole 4th set, and the whole game in general – pistol-carbine Kriss Vector SMG:


You can receive it for 99 friends. As for me, I don’t have this gun, but I had the possibility to use it and I can say that it is simply divine. Take MP7 and add to it all what it lacks ... Voila, we got Criss! You can personally compare the characteristics by screenshots. Kriss Vector SMG slightly loses only in mobility and speed of reloading, but the rapidity of fire and accuracy ... Just a fairy-tale!



Here we are coming close to the guns that can be considered as a crown of weapon development, taking into account the fact that we are playing on a small map in Deathmatch mode.

I will not describe VSS “Vintorez” (Special Sniper Rifle “Vintorez”) and АК-105, as the distance of effective firing is not such as we need (although both guns are good). About “РПКТ” I can only say that, like all machine-guns, it has an excellent knockdown ability and a large loading case, but its mobility, accuracy and reload speed make these benefits not so remarkable.

9А-91 is just a brilliant weapon, especially when it’s fitted with a shot sound muffler and a collimator; it becomes a perfect gun for middle distances, and is also not bad even for close and long distances. It could be considered as a universal weapon and the best choice if the fifth set wouldn’t have offered us…


FN P90, well known to everyone since childhood from Counter Strike, legendary "петух", which simply stuffs the enemy with a lead at close range and at a short distance. It is perfect for those who prefer pistol-carbines to other types of weapon. By the opinion of the majority of players, it’s the best gun in the game for the fans of shooting at short distances. A great combination of characteristics and a loading case for 50 bullets give you the possibility you to make HELL on bay5.



For those who like close ranges, there are not worthy credit weapons in the sixth set.

Of course, there are perverts who run around with a sniper rifle SVU-AS (Short Sniper Rifle), shooting at close range, as the automatic firing mode is available... Although, there is a good SPAS-12 shotgun in the sixth set, but if at level 30 “Saiga” punished shamelessly, then at level 50 + there are a lot of players armour-plated from head to toe, and a shotgun becomes not so great... However, SPAS-12 is a worthy choice for those who like to shoot with a shotgun pellet.

There is also a worth considering “golden” variant of P90 - DEVGRU, which is, in the opinion of majority of players, the best "cheat-gun" and "nubogun" ever, and collects tons of hatred in battles. It differs from an ordinary P90 by a presence of non-removable shot sound muffler and a collimator, and as one of the “golden” guns, is originally unbreakable. There is an endless debate between proponents of ordinary P90 and DEVGRU concerning the issue what variant is better. Personally, my choice is DEVGRU, but I refused to write about “golden” weapon in the beginning of this article, that’s why I will not argue on this topic.





There are two fundamentally opposing camps of gamers: those who never put real money in the game, and those who do not limit themselves in donating. Both of them are vehemently trying to prove their rightness, and furiously hate each other. Also there are those who put money if it’s necessary, and do not bother too much about it. This group includes probably the majority of players, and me among them.

In general, in CW you can buy a lot of things for GP, it depends just on the thickness of your wallet. And if the purchase of x3 experience for a day or five days for the initial powerleveling is available to you along with GP, which you received in the beginning, then everything else you will need to buy, or to perform a bunch of quite complex contracts (however, the reward for their implementation in gold is not particularly large, and each GP unit will become really “golden" for you).

If you can spend a certain amount of GP to buy weapons in CW (we are not talking about skills now, it will be a topic of a separate article), then in accordance with our tactics of powerleveling, I recommend you to buy PPSh ("Shpagin machine pistol") at the first level for one or five days (if it will be available in a store). 71 bullets along with a good mix of characteristics turn it into a hell death machine on small maps. Style of the game that characterizes this weapon can be described in one word: "PREEEEEEEEEESS!" Probably you will like it so much that decide to keep this gun forever. However, my recommendation will still be to buy P90 DEVGRU at level 50. This gun will give you the same as PPSh has given, and even more. But 50 bullets instead of 71 ... well, by level 50 you will know how to save them.

Also I would recommend you to buy Glock 18 (it’s definitely the best automatic pistol in the game) or “Pernach” (its difference from Glock is that “Pernach” is good for both middle range and long distances, without losing much to Glock at close range).

Besides, the game has a lot of excellent in all respects “golden” weapons, but we are not talking about this now, right? 

Thank you for your attention!





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