CS:GO update brings new FBI models on Nuke and a MP5 in active mode

Oct 04 2018 4 min read
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CS:GO update brings new FBI models on Nuke and a MP5 in active mode ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

It’s been just a few hours after Valve (developers of Counter-Strike) released a new update which brings back legendary weapon from CS 1.6 days, MP5-SD. From now on, you can use this gun in official matchmaking games, while Nuke has been updated with FBI character models and minor changes. 

Let’s look closer to a “new” gun. As I said before, MP5 is not new in Counter-Strike world. Not at all actually. In fact, CS:GO was the only title where the legendary weapon was missing. Back in the days in CS 1.5 or 1.6 you can buy this gun both as a Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist, while the German gun cost $1,500. One of the more popular weapons (especially on anti-eco strats), It has a relatively fast rate of fire compared to the rifles, and while other SMG’s are even faster, it is the most accurate SMG along with the UMP45 with pretty low recoil, especially when compared to the P90. It is also very versatile on the move due to being lightweight and having a short reload in the previous version of Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike Zero.

The only major disadvantage is its low damage and low armour penetration. Its effective range is shorter than the UMP45, and its spread increases to relatively high levels if fired continuously for long periods of time.

For these reasons, the MP5 is very common in early rounds but is usually replaced by a rifle of choice in later rounds. Players on the losing side can afford the MP5 and kevlar to retain a competitive edge. If equipped with the 9x19mm Sidearm or 40 Dual Elites, they will draw from a single ammo reserve due to sharing the same cartridge.

Anyway, coming back to the whole update. People from Valve called this title “Make the Bureau Proud” features new character models to map Nuke as well as Agency and Office (only Nuke is in the active map pool for competitive playing). De_Nuke also had some cosmetic changes, with a corridor leading to ramp from T-side made marginally wider, while slightly moving the doors connected to the trophy room. All changes can found in the list below:


– Updated FBI character models have been deployed to Nuke, Agency, and Office.

– Enabled MP5-SD in official Competitive Matchmaking.

– Added a new setting “mp_solid_teammates 2” which enables standing on top of teammates while still allowing to walk through them. The feature is now enabled in official Casual, Demolition, and Flying Scoutsman game modes.


– This update includes an updated version of steam-client.so for Linux dedicated servers which has multiple threading and integration fixes. For a limited time and old version of steam-client.so can still be used on CS:GO Linux dedicated servers.


– The 2018 Inferno collection and 2018 Nuke collection are now available as rank-up drops.

– Updated alpha channels on the SSG 08 and Mac-10 in the new 2018 Inferno collection.

– Fixed rare cases where audio device configuration will not save properly.

– Fixed the Beartooth Music Kit to respect MVP music volume.


– Fixed a VRAM leak in threaded Open GL contexts on OSX and Linux.

– Fixed a rare mouse left-click issue on OSX.

– Multiple performance improvements for OSX and Linux clients.

– Added support for DDS files using DXT3 compression.

– Added support for DDS encoded PNG files.



– The corridor leading to ramp room from T-side became slightly wider

– Relocated doors that were connecting to the trophy room

– Changed CT team to FBI


– Removed angled pieces on bombtrain in A-site

– Improved player collision on bombtrain in A-site

– Added grenade collision to the ceiling of heaven in A-site


– Made windows fully breakable instead of partially

– Fixed snowman’s hat not falling off when getting shot in the snow-head.

– Smoothed out movement on stairs

– Widened openings by CT spawn and truck in the garage

– Moved some furniture in T-spawn

– Fixed some minor graphical glitches

– Tweaked lighting in CT spawn

Still not enough for you? Want to see the whole thing with your own eyes? Ok then. One of the North American pro players and popular streamer, 28-year old veteran Eric adreNHoag, who is ex-player of current number 1 in the USA, Team Liquid made a first highlight video where you can see the new FBI models on de_nuke and MP5 in action while he was playing with his teammates from Team Mythic. To me personally, another beautiful memory coming back from good old days (10 years ago), when we played on CRT monitors and had no clue what is gonna happen with this game in the future. But we still love it. Shout NICE to the whole Cyber cafe where people just looking at you with open mouth never gets old, right? Hope you like the introducing of the new additional gun and will have a great time, while playing on matchmaking or Faceit pugs. Have a nice time folks and see you on the server!  


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