CS:GO Update: April 22, 2016

Apr 22 2016 2 min read
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Valve deployed new update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive


– Adjusted Spectator Graphs: Replaced HSP and economy stats with Enemies Flashed and Utility Damage.
– Added main menu UI to register for a new beta.


– Tulip
— Various bug and exploit fixes

– Mirage
— Vandalism

– Moved Nuke to the Active Duty map group.

Let me remind you that Nuke was changed back in February when Operation Wildifre was launched. 

– Moved Inferno to the Reserves map group.


– Updated a Wildfire mission (YOINK!) for the bonus condition to use Santorini instead of Nuke.

Full list of patch notes can be found in the official blog.

On top of the above changes, Valve also implemented new mode for search of ranked games called "Prime".

The point is that player can link his steam mobile phone number to the account and search for games only with the players who did the same.

Apparently, the devs think this might fix the problem with smurf accounts.


World Esports Stands for Charity and Peace in Ukraine

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Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev to depart from Team Liquid
TEAMSWAGYOLO and eXplosive disqualified from CIS Minor

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