CS:GO training for beginners: where to start? Part 1

Jul 17 2019 12 min read

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To achieve success in any profession, you need to work harder. Delve into the process deeper in terms of a job. Hobbies want you to practice to have a result that you can be proud of. The same goes for esports. But we are not talking about training till death. Moreover, if the practice process is correctly structured, it's not necessary to spend ten hours a day at the computer.

Today we will talk about what needs to be done to improve basic skills in Counter-Strike, stop catching all the corners and start looking at the enemy, not on the floor or anywhere else.

Disclaimer: we sincerely believe that you are Global Elite at heart and have 48 FACEIT levels out of 10 possible, so you don't need training tips. But do not forget that besides you, there are beginners in the game who do not know where to start and don't understand why they are flamed in pubs. And yes, those who play well could have also noticed when teammates, who can't even jump onto the box and have problems with targeting the enemy, block them. So let's leave the hate behind and together help newcomers adapt.

Staying Alive: DM won't help

Counter-Strike successful practice basis is about the ability to move correctly and, of course, shooting well. These two components will be enough to raise your rank in matchmaking, at least to the "sheriff's star," as it is called, or even to the first eagle.

Another thing is to hold the rank. By the way, this is why it makes no sense to buy other people's accounts, such a popular thing among our smaller buddies (younglings that is, not pets). Buying someone else's account with a GE will help you take decent screenshots to make your classmates envy, but the fact is that once launching a match, you'll face five Hulks while being Loki. 

The desired 1%...

Okay, what does a regular player do when he launches CS? Most likely he simply starts to search for the game and then ruins it. Those folks who know the game better, prefer to warm-up, stretch the aim before matches. How? Most just go play DM (DeathMatch).

Many consider DM a very effective exercise method, but what exercise? In fact, DM is a very insidious place where a player obtains false self-confidence. Opponents do not behave as they do during a competitive game. Playing DM, everyone is brave and either run around the map, shooting in all directions or camp a corner. It's very difficult to concentrate and start training because players often spawn behind you and don't let kill the enemy in front. And the radar is completely useless.

Another problem is choosing the right server. If this is not a headshot-mode, sooner or later you will simply begin to rush the opponent instead of aiming at the head. Over time, this will become a habit, and you will try to repeat it in MMR, and this is very wrong.

There is also a gamer subspecies, which does not play competitive mode at all. Such a player prefers only DM, she/he tries to do as many frags as possible there and camp around every corner, not moving from the spot. Minding it, some AIM-maps looks more favoured, but newcomers better not head there. As a result, we have a conclusion: DM is useful, but only later, and only in conjunction with other drills.

There are no campers on aim-maps and enemies won't spawn behind you — it allows you to hone the skill of shooting at a distance

But if not DM, what should I do?

Let's approach training drills and warm-ups from another side. "What do we want to achieve in the first place?" The true answer is "A good motility of hands and fingers".

Let's start with the left hand because this one is responsible for the movement around the map. If you think that it is enough just to squeeze WASD and hope that you won't get cornered — re-think. Have you ever noticed how professional players move during combat? How smooth are their moves and at the same time hellishly calculated? Pro players show their jump-offs and movement tricks — all this come out as the result of hard left hand drills (drop those joke immediately).

Many have already noticed that CS:GO has walls that slow down your movement if you touch them even slightly. It's all about the textures and features of the game engine, so you have to not only memorize such places but also learn how to bypass them.

Our goal is to discipline the left hand and fingers coordination.

How to achieve: use the following methods in any order and separately, but first it is better to devote at least half an hour a day to each.

CS:GO has an interesting engine mechanics: if the surface is inclined with a specific angle, you can slide along it not just down, but forward, though you need to know a few secrets. The exercises should better be done on surf maps. You can find them both in Steam Workshop and in the list of CS:GO servers inside the game, just type the word "surf" in the filter.

These are huge levels with running tracks. The goal is to slide them quickly, jump from one piece of the track to another and reach the end of the level. It can be a good rest from a stressful competitive mode but also tightens coordination and smooth mouse movement. Pro players also do it.

The very principle of surfing is very simple. The first thing that any player needs to understand is that the button is the main enemy here, and this applies not only to surf but also to other exercises, including jumping. It mind blow your head off, but, well, sometimes you don't need to press the button to move forward.

Just drop onto the surface and consider its position. If it is on the left — hold A for sliding, if it's on the right — hold D. It's important (!) not to use the W button, otherwise, you will fall down again and again. While sliding, you only need to control the mouse, and the movements should be smooth: pretend that you are trying to walk before the police patrol after a huge and fun party. Turn the mouse to the high side of the slide, and your speed will slow down. Turn to the bottom and you will accelerate. This will help to jump to the next block. Fail, restart, try again. Over time, you will learn to pass such maps but most importantly — your movement skill will increase.

Not quite clear? Then here's a video for you. Kong Zombies is great at surfing, watch the buttons he presses.

By the way, have you noticed how he turns the corner in the right direction? This is another CS:GO mechanic, which is not to be learned immediately. It will become useful in the next type of drills, as well as in competitive matches when you need to quickly hide behind the wall from the enemy's attack.

To perform a turn in the air, you need to forget about the key after the jump once again. Practice this from the very start. Start moving your mouse smoothly to the right or left when in the air, depending on where you want to turn. At the same time, hold a button on the keyboard. If you jump to the right — press D, if left — A. Such thing is called Strafe Jump. Hi, Quake!

Practice these turns on your own. Why? Imagine if you are in the semifinals and suddenly lose simply because your opponent mastered the art of bunny-hopping and jumped around the corner just before the AWP reload animation has been completed. In the last seconds of the round. 

Spending hours of exercising might bring you into the final one day. It's worth it.

Jump, jump, jump!

Let's turn to more complex, but very necessary "left hand maps". They are called KZ and there are tons of them on the Internet. If you do not know how to find the right one, just head to this site and select KZ in "Select Game Mode," then copy the server's IP and paste it into the console.

So, these are the maps where a player needs to get from A to B. Sounds easy? Haha, yeah. You'll be sweating so much, tilting even more than in MMR games playing against smurfs. These maps' completion statistics are at a 5% average. And that's fine. You can call it a successful exercise when you begin to feel pleasant warmth in your hand. You know, people even hold competitions in it, and many players spend all their time just jumping and setting new records.

There are easier maps, where you just need to gently jump on small platforms and be able to stop at the point of landing and not to fall into the abyss. Longjump and Bunny Hop (BHOP) techniques are more complicated to perform on competitive maps. Both are difficult to master, but once you begin to understand what's what, the practice will become easier. Now, a little theoretical piece, before watching the videos. 

Longjumps are based on the Multi Strafe technique: one of the most difficult fingers and brain tests, but the benefits are fantastic. The thing is that the usual jump of combining and Space keys with a knife in your hands is 215 units long (a measure of distance in CS). But everyone knows that you can jump much further. Longjump allows you to fly over 250 units and more. How to? One needs to pick up speed in the air after the jump thanks to Multi Strafe.

How to longjump: accelerate, jump, let the nasty W button go, at the same time perform strafe to the right (or left, it's up to you) and start moving the mouse very smoothly in the corresponding key direction. So, strafe right, move the mouse to the left. Your speed of turning and acceleration will depend on how quickly you turn the mouse. Do not pull it too hard, otherwise, you will have to start over. Also, do not turn the mouse very much to the side, or you will get to the place where you started. LeBron is doing the same thing in real life, you know. Left-right-left-right combinations can be repeated several times. If done correctly, you will begin to accelerate and jump in long distances.

Before landing, you need to press Ctrl (or your crouching bind key). This is a small trick that allows you to cling to the edge of the surface at the last moment because while sitting, the player's model slightly flips up and it flies a little further.

Why do we need it? You will begin to move around the maps almost perfectly. Almost any jump will be successful without any noise. You will also get to the boxes and various boosts at the right moment, even when moving backwards. Runboost will appear.

The muscular memory of the left hand will improve, the reaction will increase, and this means that during the shootings you will be better at controlling the strafe. Connect the Shift and Ctrl keys and now it's harder for the enemy to get into you since he will not understand at all where you will move in the next moment.

Still can't believe that you'll need it? Wathc those simple examples in this video:

In fact, Source 2.0 is so broken but so beautiful. Many elements were brought right from the previous versions, and in some Source games, similar bugs are used for speedruns. For example, Half-Life 2 generally goes through backwards BHOP, where runners accelerate to mind-blowing speeds. Actually, Bunny Hop itself is done on the same principle as the Multi Strafe, only the direction of jumps needs to be changed every time after landing.

Jump, strafe and mouse to the right, push off from the ground at the moment of landing, strafe, mouse to the left. You can make jump bind on your mouse wheel to make it more convenient using mwheelup +jump bind console command (jump when scrolling up), or bind mwheeldown +jump (jump when scrolling down). This is necessary because pushing off the floor at the time of landing with the space bar is not always realistic due to the human factor: we don't always have enough reaction and timing. If you turn the wheel, then the chance of a perfect jump increases.

What can you do with BHOP and how does it allow you to accelerate? See for yourself:

You can't do this on a normal competitive server because administrators specifically limit this movement. But this does not mean that BHOP doesn't work there at all, it just looks more modest.

If you practice KZ maps at least one hour every two days, after a while, you will begin to feel confident in combat situations in matchmaking 

The Good, The Bad, The Angry

Enough jumping. It's time to work your right hand. Put your hands on the table! On the mouse, we mean. Let's shoot. But not in DM: there are special aim training maps.

Shooting in CS is an exclusively muscular memory multiplied by the reaction. Memory is easy to train, but the reaction becomes... worse with age. Though it is not so critical if you have not reached the professional level. We keep the mouse in the hand, which is controlled by the muscles located on the forearm. Needless to say, that to shoot good in Counter-Strike you need to be in acceptable physical shape. By the way, professional organisations are well aware of this, so they included gym workouts in players' schedule. Astralis are the best example. 

So, we need maps to practise motor skills. The first indispensable map is training_aim_csgo2. Look for it in the Workshop, or go through this link and subscribe to it.

The map's creator tried to do maximum so that players could exercise a variety of skills. Sharpening reflexes, slide checking, the ability to choose mouse sensitivity to reach targets with ease. There are two control plates on the sides of the map. First, select any weapon you like on the right with the key, then go to the left and customize the map.

Choose Intensive Fast Aiming in "Training mode" section. Next, choose the size of the target. Beginners better stay at 12R, an experienced fighter can turn 10R or less. You can also choose the colour. 

Tar. Limit is the number of targets appearing simultaneously on the scoreboard, after which the loss will be counted. If you kill them too slowly, the game will stop.

Respawn time allows you to select the frequency of targets appears on the scoreboard. One of the most important parameters. Our task is to choose the speed so that the arm during the shooting will be strained and starts to hurt. This muscle pain suggests that exercise is going well. There is no point in starting a workout if you are going to languidly shoot into plates with one finger.

You can easily cover 300 targets without losing? Increase the respawn time to 0.4 or even 0.3, reduce the target radius, move away to increase difficulty.

This is how Scream does it:

Are you hurt? This is not arthritis, it is a drill, which needs to be repeated every day before the games for at least 30 minutes. Such a thing will allow to aim on the maps, tighten hands' motor skills and make the mouse movements clearer, smoother and more accurate.

In the second part of our guide, we will share a couple of tips, will fight online with humans, as well as have more practice maps, which will help you to raise ranks, FACEIT levels, win prizes at our tournament module and foresee the future.


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