CS:GO recent patch notes

Apr 26 2019 2 min read

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Look like Valve has begun to spoil us with a wide variety of patches that improve our beloved CS:GO (sarcasm). Recently, another patch came out that did not change the gameplay, but some of the maps had undergone surgery. Lets' check out the most important changes. 

  • Workout now in Competitive;
  • Ruby added to Sigma map list;
  • Abbey and Biome deleted from Competitive;
  • The radars of Assault, Cobblestone, Italy, Militia, Office, Vertigo were updated.

Valve continues to refine the Wingman mode, so a navigation lock was added for all maps of this mod.

  • Inferno had an important bug fixed — the fountain's particle effects at B-side are now working as they should. "Banana's" arc is slightly brightened;
  • Overpass got a fix at a place in the connector where the dropped C4 could get stuck, and the balls on the court would no longer stop grenades and player models;
  • Train now has brighter ground textures. Valve reworked the car models and improved the collision model (now you won't butthurt a lot when you or your grenade got stuck in the invisible car textures). "Main" received a white background on the back wall. Previously, attack players had to deal with a darker background and the defence tryharded to spot them.

Vertigo got some serious stuff though: 

  • Added nav blockers for Wingman mode
  • Removed spot where player could avoid death-trigger in elevator shaft
  • Fixed molotovs breaking on top of pipes near scaffolding on A ramp
  • Added ibeam with construction markings for possible grenade lineups, removed ibeam closest to B stairs
  • Simplified grenade collisions on walls and bombsite crates
  • Decreased size of bombsite zones on both sites, flattened bombsite zones
  • Lowered volume of some environment sounds
  • Reworked T spawn, made T entrance to mid slightly tighter
  • Removed center cover in elevator room by A site and pallets in elevator room near mid
  • Lengthened hallway-exit from elevator room by A site
  • Tweaked shape of sandbags in mid
  • Made catwalk near B stairs one section longer
  • Updated elevator model
  • Blocked view from CT spawn towards bombsite B catwalk

In general, it is noticeable that Valve is trying to change the balance on Vertigo, trying to give the attack side at least some chances. However, reducing the C4 planting area will play, first of all, into the hands of defenders. We will wait for new updates and more professional games on this map.

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