CS:GO Major - The New Legends stage part 1

Sep 19 2018 3 min read

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It’s been a long week and If I say long, I mean really looooong for all supporters of the best FPS game ever. No matter if you are a pro or just a casual player, you have to watch the best Counter-Strike in the world which is currently ongoing in London.

Why am I saying a long week? Because we have witnessed 33 overtimes during the whole tournament. And it is a major record ever. Imagine the feelings of casters. They must be so happy to be part of it. And It wasn’t only a one-time record we have seen in London. We actually made history during this event, but more about this later, okay? Step by step, day by day…

All matches were played in best-of-one format and 8 teams, which won 3 matches, earning a spot for the final stage in this tournament and moreover, the status legend which means, we will see them participating in the next Major, which is going to be held in Katowice in 2019. 

The New Legends stage started on Wednesday and we already saw some surprising results. The fifth best team in the world, FaZe clan was defeated on dust2 against BIG 5:16. Also, compLexity smashed Fnatic 16:4 and NiP surprised European gigant Mousesports 16:12. For me, probably the most interesting match of the day was Natus Vincere against Astralis. Two best teams in the world showed us how to play CS and finished 14:16 in favour for Danish players. Let’s have a look:

VOD NaVi vs Astralis

  • G2 22:20 HellRaisers 
  • Winstrike 7:16 Liquid
  • FaZe 5:16 BIG
  • Fnatic 4:16 compLexity
  • MiBR 13:16 TyLoo
  • Mousesports 12:16 NiP
  • Natus Vincere 14:16 Astralis
  • Cloud9 4:16 Vega Squadron 

The second day was a little bit quieter, not so many equal matches, but still Counter-Strike on the highest level. American Cloud9, winners of last Major in Boston, played a very tight match against HR on Overpass, but eventually lost in overtime 16:19. Another American squad, team compLexity won their second match against G2 and gave us a strong message that they arrived in London well prepared. Top match of the day, in my opinion, was definitely  Natus Vincere against FaZe clan, because of s1mple sick performance on Overpass. I am a little bit afraid that he is not human anymore, but the machine! What do you think?

VOD NaVi vs FaZe

  • BIG 16:7 TyLoo
  • Winstrike 7:16 Fnatic
  • Vega Squadron 4:16 Astralis
  • Cloud9 16:19 HellRaisers
  • compLexity 16:11 G2
  • NiP 10:16 Liquid
  • Natus Vincere 16:12 FaZe
  • Mousesports 6:16 mibr

On Friday we had to say goodbye to a few teams which lost their 3rd match. First of all, It was Winstrike (QB Fire) who have surprised the whole world on the last Major, but could not win a single map here in London. The second team with a 0-3 record was Mousesports, which honestly could be the team in Grand-final of this Major. Well known names like Snax, Oskar or ropz failed this tournament so hard and ended up at the 15-16th place. Also  C9, Boston Major winners of this year lost their last match and just have to work really hard to get back on top with this new lineup (adding Golden from fnatic and Styko from Mousesports). Overall, we still saw a great Counter-Strike. Especially during the last match of the day, when Astralis played against American #1 Team Liquid and lost the first half 13:2. Unbelievable comeback during the second half sent us to overtime, where unfortunately Danish roster could not get a single point on the scoreboard and lost the match 15:19. Definitely one of the best matches so far, MUST SEE!!! 

VOD Astralis vs Liquid

  • Vega Squadron 14:16 Fnatic
  • TyLoo 10:16 HellRaisers
  • compLexity 16:8 BIG
  • Natus Vincere 16:6 NiP
  • G2 4:16 mibr
  • Astralis 15:19 Liquid
  • FaZe 16:8 Mousesports

If you want to read which teams have earned the legends status and will play in SSE Arena, Wembley, check the part 2.



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