CS:GO Console Commands

Sep 16 2019 8 min read

Need a compelete list of useful CS:GO Console Commands? Look no further! We got you covered

CS:GO console has a crucial role in the game. That's why it is important for every player to know the commands and use them in the game. There are many CS:GO console commands. You will need to enter a lot of them before each match or save frequently used commands in cfg and use them when necessary. But do not dwell on commands and cfg. СS:GO commands are a great game tool, aimed at making the game as comfortable as possible for the player, and not vice versa. So you need to be quite thorough about organizing your system of console commands. And we will help you with this. Below you will find a list of the most common commands used in CS:GO. Lets not waste time and jump directly to the overview!

How to open command console in CS:GO?

Before we move on to command overview, we need to open the command console. This is easy to do. To activate the console, open the settings and type in "console", or open the settings and activate the "Enable Developer Console" option. Once that's done, the command console will launch by pressing the tilde (~) button.

CS:GO Server Commands: configuration

  • To restart the server, use command: mp_restartgame 1;
  • To get rid of bots on the server: bot_kick;
  • Add a bot to Terrorist team: bot_add_t;
  • Add a bot to Counter Terrorist team: bot_add_ct;
  • Remove limit of players: mp_limitteams 0;
  • Finish warm-up/change warm-up time: mp_warmup_end / mp_warmuptime 5555555;
  • Disable automatic team balance: mp_autoteambalance 0;
  • Set timer for the bomb: mp_c4timer 55;
  • Set the maximum number of rounds: mp_maxrounds 155;
  • Set the maximum round time: mp_roundtime 5;
  • Define game time limit: mp_timelimit 55;
  • Disable freezing: mp_freezetime 0;
  • Change buy time: mp_buytime 500;
  • Buy weapons at any point of the map: mp_buy_anywhere 1;
  • Remove restrictions on grenade use: ammo_grenade_limit_total 6;
  • Set the starting money amount to $5000: mp_startmoney 5000;
  • Set the maximum amount of money to $15000: mp_maxmoney 15000.


CS:GO Server Commands

  • For players to use team cheat: sv_cheats 1;
  • Connect players to server only after all data have been preloaded: sv_forcepreload 1:
  • Set the maximum number of players on the map: sv_visiblemaxplayers 25;
  • Change speed in spectrum mode: sv_specspeed 1.5;
  • Ability to fly over obstacles in spectrum mode: sv_specnoclip 1.


CS:GO Mouse Commands

  • Set mouse sensitivity: sensitivity 5.5;
  • Set mouse speed: m_side 0.8;
  • Set rotation speed: m_side 0.8;
  • Connect mouse without entering the OS settings: m_rawinput 1;
  • Enable mouse acceleration: m_mousespeed 1;
  • Disable mouse acceleration: m_customaccel 0;
  • Set the secondary acceleration threshold: m_mouseaccel2 0;
  • Set the initial acceleration threshold: m_mouseaccel1 0;
  • Disable mouse inversion: m_pitch 0.022.


CS:GO Aim Commands

  • To hit the enemy's head, enter command: ent_fire !picker addoutput "modelscale 0";
  • To hit your own head, enter command: !self addoutput "modelscale 0";
  • To hit all players' heads, enter command: !self addoutput "modelscale 0";


CS:GO Cheat Commands

  • Enable/disable flying over obstacles: noclip;
  • Enable/disable seeing what walls consist of: mat_wireframe 1/mat_wireframe 0;
  • Enable/disable god mode (immortality): god;
  • Enable/disable seeing through obstacles: r_drawothermodels 2/r_drawothermodels 1.


CS:GO All Commands For Weapons, Armor and Ammunition

Before you can use CS:GO weapon commands, you must enable cheats. You can do this with the server command: sv_cheats 1.


CS:GO T Rifles Commands

  • Get Kalashnikov rifle (AK 47): give weapon_ak47;
  • Get SSG-08: give weapon_ssg08;
  • Get Galil AR: give weapon_galilar;
  • Get AWP: give weapon_awp;
  • Get SG556: give weapon_sg556;
  • Get G3SG1: give weapon_g3sg1.


CS:GO CT Rifles Commands

  • Get M4A1: give weapon_m4a1;
  • Get AWP: give weapon_awp;
  • Get SG-08: give weapon_ssg08;
  • Get M4A1 with silencer: give weapon_m4a1_silencer;
  • Get AUG: give weapon_aug;
  • Get FAMAS: give weapon_famas;
  • Get SCAR-20: give weapon_scar20;


CS:GO CT and T SMG Commands

  • Get MP9: give weapon_mp9;
  • Get MAC-10: give weapon_mac10;
  • Get MP7: give weapon_mp7;
  • Get PP-19 Bizon: give weapon_bizon;
  • Get UMP-45: give weapon_ump45;
  • Get P90: give weapon_p90.


CS:GO CT and T Pistols Commands

  • Get USP-S: give weapon_usp_silencer;
  • Get Desert Eagle: give weapon_deagle;
  • Get P2000: give weapon_hkp2000;
  • Get Revolver R8: give weapon_revolver;
  • Get Glock: give weapon_glock;
  • Get Tec-9: give weapon_tec9;
  • Get Dual Berettas: give weapon_elite;
  • Get CZ75-Auto: give weapon_cz75a;
  • Get Five Seven: give weapon_fiveseven;
  • Get P250: give weapon_p250.


CS:GO CT and T Heavy Weapon Commands

  • Get Nova pump-action shotgun: give weapon_nova;
  • Get XM1014 pump-action shotgun: give weapon_xm1014;
  • Get MAG-7 pump-action weapon: give weapon_mag7;
  • Get Sawed-Off pump-action shotgun: give weapon_sawedoff;
  • Get M249 machine gun: give weapon_m249;
  • Get Negev machine gun: give weapon_negev.


CS:GO Armor and Ammunition Commands

  • Get knife: give weapon_knife;
  • Get kevlar vest and helmet/get kevlar vest: give item_vesthelm/ give item_vest;
  • Get Zeus electroshock weapon: give weapon_taser;
  • Get C4 Exposive: give weapon_c4.


CS:GO Grenade Commands

  • Get incendiary grenade: give weapon_incgrenade;
  • Get flashbang grenade: give weapon_flashbang;
  • Get smoke grenade: give weapon_smokegrenade;
  • Get high explosive (HE) grenade: give weapon_hegrenade;
  • Get Molotov: give weapon_molotov;
  • Get decoy grenade: give weapon_decoy.


CS:GO Hand Commands

  • Switch weapon to left/right hand: cl_righthand 0/ cl_righthand 1;
  • Take weapon by type – regular / large / classic: viewmodel_presetpos 1/ viewmodel_presetpos 2/ viewmodel_presetpos 3;
  • Position of weapons in hand in relation to x/y/z axis: viewmodel_offset_x/ viewmodel_offset_y/ viewmodel_offset_z.


CS:GO Graphics Configuration Commands

  • Set the highest brightness level: mat_autoexposure_max 3;
  • Set the lowest brightness level: mat_autoexposure_min 0.5;
  • Enable rendering: mat_queue_mode 2;
  • Screen resolution configuration: mat_setvideomode 1680 1050 1;
  • Adjust color scheme from light (indicator 1.6) to dark (indicator 2.6): mat_monitorgamma 2.1;
  • Save graphics configuration in Windows: mat_savechanges;
  • Switch off the glow reflected by bright flashes: muzzleflash_light 0;
  • Highlight dynamic shadows of objects: r_dynamic 0;
  • Activate bloom effect: mat_disable_bloom 1;
  • Add water rendering function, including bottom: r_cheapwaterend 0.


CS:GO Radar Configuration Commands

  • To activate radar, use command: drawradar;
  • To hide radar, use command: hideradar;
  • To define map size, use commands: cl_radar_scale 0.3 or cl_radar_scale 0.4;
  • To define the size of player points on the map, use command: cl_radar_icon_scale_min 0.7;
  • To center the map: cl_radar_always_centered 0.


CS:GO Voice Chat Commands

  • If you need to switch to headphones, you need to use command: windows_speaker_config 1;
  • To activate the game voice chat, use command: voice_enable 1;
  • To record microphone during the game, enter command: voice_forcemicrecord 1;
  • To hear your voice while talking in headphones, use command: voice_loopback 0;
  • If you want to set one voice volume for everyone, use command: voice_scale 1;
  • To set the sound volume level, enter command: volume 1.0;
  • To activate chat in the mode, use command: voice_modenable 1;
  • To stop recording from voice chat to the file, use command: voice_recordtofile 0.


CS:GO Interface Commands (HUD)

  • To disable automatic screenshots at the end of the game, use command: hud_takesshots 0;
  • To specify the interface size, enter command: hud_scaling 0.75;
  • If you want the name of a player to be displayed when pointing the player with cursor, use command: hud_showtargetid 1.


CS:GO Bot Commands

  • To add a bot instead of a missing member of the team, enter command: bot_add;
  • To add a bot to Counter Terrorist team (CT), use command: bot_add_ct;
  • To add a bot to Terrorist team (CT), use command: bot_add_t;
  • If you want to kick all bots in the game, enter command: bot_kick;
  • If you need to kick a particular bot, e.g. Bob, use command: bot_kick Bob;
  • To make a bot appear in front of you, enter command: bot_place;
  • To make a bot repeat all actions and moves after you, use command: bot_mimic 1;
  • To cancel repetition of your actions by bot, use command: bot_mimic_yaw_offset 0;
  • If you need all the bots in the game to stop at their places, use command: bot_stop;
  • You can kill all bots at once using command: bot_kill;
  • To make all bots in the game stop shooting, use command: bot_dont_shoot;
  • If you want to freeze all bots, you can use command: bot_zombie 1;
  • To assign the bot a certain level of intelligence, use command: bot_difficulty;
  • For easy level of intelligence use: bot_difficulty 0;
  • For normal level of intelligence use: bot_difficulty 1;
  • For hard level of intelligence use: bot_difficulty 2;
  • To make all bots crouch, use command: bot_crouch 1;
  • To force all bots to stand still, enter command: bot_dont_shoot 1 (if make them attack again, enter: bot_dont_shoot 0);
  • If you want all bots in the game to use knives, use command: bot_knives_only;
  • For bots to use pistols only, enter command: bot_pistols_only;
  • To prevent bots from using radio chat, use command: bot_chatter;


CS:GO FPS Configuration Commands

  • To see FPS, enter command: net_graph 3;
  • If you want to specify the maximum FPS value, use command: fps_max 305;
  • To display the number of fragments from damaged items and objects, use command: func_break_max_pieces 0.


CS:GO Practice Configuration Commands

The commands from the below list will help you make perfect training to prepare for a real match.

  • For unlimited ammunition during training, use command: sv_infinite_ammo 1;
  • If you need to specify the time after which the map will change, use command: mp_timelimit 50;
  • If you wish to trace the whole trajectory of grenade flight and see the points of its contact with objects, enter command: sv_grenade_trajectory 1;
  • To get an unlimited warm-up on a certain map, use command: mp_warmuptime 55555;
  • To specify the maximum number of grenades a player can use in the game, use command: ammo_grenade_limit_total 111;
  • If you need to disable automatic balance of players in teams, use command: mp_autoteambalance 0;
  • To mark places of bullet hits with dots, enter command: sv_showimpacts 1;
  • If you want a wounded enemy silhouette to appear around a player when hit by a bullet, use command: sv_showbullethits 1;
  • To increase the maximum amount of money, e.g. to $55500, enter command: mp_maxmoney 55500;
  • To increase the starting money amount, e.g. to $55500, use command: mp_startmoney 55500;
  • If during practicing you have low fps because of smoke and need to remove Ragdoll, use command: cl_disable_ragdolls 1 (but remember that it will only work when "sv_cheats 1" is active);
  • To increase the duration of a training round to one hour, enter command: mp_roundtime_defuse 60;
  • To reduce sound quality, use command: dsp_slow_cpu 1;
  • If you need to increase weapon and ammunition buy time to one hour, enter command: mp_buytime 3600;
  • To disable the bloom effect, use command: mat_disable_bloom 1;
  • To disable freezing at the beginning of a training round, use command: mp_freezetime 0;
  • If you need to remove unnecessary animation in the game, use command: r_drawparticles 0;
  • To enable opportunity to buy weapons and ammunition anywhere on the map, enter command: mp_buy_anywhere 1;
  • To finish the training, use command: mp_warmup_end.


CS:GO Useful Commands

  • If there is too much smoke during the game, you can remove it by using command: fog_enable 0;
  • To enable throwing away the knife, use command: mp_drop_knife_enable 1;
  • To assign your team a new name, enter: mp_teamname_1 "CQ" / mp_teamname_1 "CQ" (1 – CT team, 2 – T team);
  • If you don't want your opponent to see what damage he/she did to you, use command: r_modelwireframedecal 0.

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