CS:GO Update: Zeus tweaks, VOIP limits

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This latest patch has attempted to rebalance the infamous Zeus x27, as well as tweak how VOIP works in official matchmaking.

In the last major update, the CS:GO developers dropped the price of the weapon of choice for those to infuriate their opponents, the Zeus x27, to a mere $100, causing it's use to sky-rocket in both normal matchmaking and professional matches.

Now, today's patch has changed the price again by raising the cost from $100 to $200, removed the kill reward for the weapon, and lowered the movement speed. In addition to the Zeus changes, the in-game voice chat function in competitive has been altered; players will no longer be able to hear their opponent's mic during warm-up and half-time, in a attempt to allow "players to discuss player roles and strategies."

Finally, the developers have closed Operation Bloodhound, meaning players will no longer be able to complete missions to rank up their coin or rank up their profile account. Check out the full list of changes below:


  • Operation Bloodhound has come to a close.
  • The Falchion Case will be available as a drop for all players.



  • Increased price to $200
  • Reduced kill award to $0
  • Reduced max player speed to 220


  • New Music Kits will be available for purchase directly in the main menu for a limited time.


  • In official competitive matches, voice communications are now team-only in warmup and half-time, allowing players to discuss player roles and strategies.


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