CS:GO update added Biome and Subzero to competitive matchmaking

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CS:GO update added Biome and Subzero to competitive matchmaking

Bye bye Halloween cbble, it was fun!

Developers from Valve has released a new small update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by adding new maps Biome and Subzero to competitive Matchmaking, while removing the Halloween changes for de_cbble as the event ends. Let’s have a look:

Halloween cbble:

Classic cbble:

And the most tragic thing is that we have to say goodbye to the toilets on T-spawn. RiP. We will NEVER forget!

However, the most significant changes that Valve brought are two new barrels in the “drop area” and on “A long”. It’s not a big deal on A long (it didn’t change anything, maybe some plays from CT-side if T will push fast B) but in the “drop area” you don’t have to call your teammate for boost anymore, because now you are able to jump on top of the drop on your own. Look at that:

A long barrel:

Drop Area:

Overall, it will take some time to see how this affects the professional teams and players, but for now we will have to wait, because de_cbble is still not in active map pool (cbble was benched with de_dust2 coming to the scene, haha I am so funny). 

The complete list of changes are right below:


  • Halloween has come to a close. Thanks for celebrating with us!


  • Added clinch marker to the timeline. The timeline will now show the earliest round at which the match can end, and which team can win the match on it.

  • Scoreboard player stats now support any number of rounds. Player stats will no longer reset every overtime.

  • Added more stats to Demolition and Flying Scoutsman.


Biome and Subzero have been added to Competitive Matchmaking!


  • Removed Halloween decorations

  • Removed cover in corridor leading to B plat

  • Added lore to A site bombtarget

  • Opened up windows from B halls towards site

  • Re-enabled boost on B site

  • Lowered cover in headshot position in Long A

  • Reduced amount of coffins

  • Increased amount of wood barrels

  • De-spookified cbble loading screen

  • Exorcised and dusted the cbble radar

As I said in first sentence, this is a small update which does not affect pro scene, but it’s nice to see that Valve actually care! 

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