CS:GO Team Ranking for October 2018

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CS:GO Team Ranking for October 2018

Who rules the CS:GO world these days?

As usual, CS:GO portal hltv.org makes a worldwide team ranking every month to make sure you are always up to date with how teams around the globe are doing and who is the current top team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. To understand the whole process, here is the guide how people behind the hltv.org make a ranking:

“Our team ranking is based on teams' achievements over the past year (with severe decay in points throughout each month), recent form over the last 2 months, and performance at offline events in the last 3 months.”

“Each team is required to have a three-man core in order to retain their points and online results are included but have minimal effect (only affecting 'Form') at the top of the table and mainly serve to put new teams on the map.”

As in previous months, Danish Astralis are numero uno for more than 5 months now and if we forget their “failure” at home tournament Blast Pro Series in Copenhagen (although we don’t count it anyway as the tournament was in November) they are the kings of 128-tick servers without discussion. 

Ukrainian team Natus Vincere with best player in the world on board (yeah, I am talking about s1mple) are right behind them, showing really strong form these past several months. 

Also Americans have their team in Top-3: legendary organization Team Liquid with young talents such as Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken proved that America is GREAT again (Hello Trump, how you doing buddy?) in previous big events this month. 

And how can we forget we about the European mix FaZe Clan, who just welcomed back one of the most iconic players in CS:GO world - Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer. He helped his team win EPICENTER 2018 in Moscow a week ago. The complete list of Top-30 teams in the world is listed below: 

And what about you guys, who is the best team or player for you at the moment? Hit us with your thoughts in comments below.

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