Crypto is the latest leaked character in Apex Legends

Jun 25 2019 2 min read

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At E3 2019, Respawn Entertainment revealed details about Apex Legends season 2, including a new character named Wattson. Thanks to a recent leak, the game could actually be getting two new Legends instead. 

Back in March, a dataminer named Shrugtal discovered the possibility of 8 new Legends coming to the game. Two of these characters have officially been revealed and evidence of a third, Crypto, being true is mounting. 

A Redditor named FrozenFroh who also had ties to the initial leak about 8 characters, shared new information on Reddit. He shares That1MiningGuy's latest findings and adds his own theory about how they could be real. 

FrozenFroh goes into a lot of detail, but here is just a summary of his findings. 

  • Similar to Octane's jump pads being teased in-game, Crypto will have the same but following the coordinates in the game to where it should be, the location doesn't exist yet. Meaning it could come in a future update 

  • He is the character on the banner in Pathfinder's background art. 

  • His sword is a part of season 2's logo. 

  • Believed to own the jamming abilities that were datamined in March. 

He then proceeds to connect the dots to create a picture of what season 2 might hold. 

  • Crypto will hack the repulsor, bringing flyers and leviathans into the game (flyers are presently being teased in the game). 

  • Introduction of a possible hunt the beast game mode. The files have existed since season 1 but has now been renamed Beast Hunter

  • Flooded and destroyed bridges from season 1 trailer will make it into the game. 

  • There is a new repulsor in season 2 promotion material, meaning Wattson might construct a new one. 

Apex Legends season 2 will launch on July 2, so we only have about a week to wait and see how much of FrozenFroh's theory comes true. 

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