Cristmas competition!

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WePlay.TV portal announces the beginning of New Year Contest!

Tankers! Information to your attention!

WePlay.TV portal announces the beginning of New Year Contest!

This time you need your imagination, as well as video camera or photographic camera.

We offer you to make your New Year's congratulations on photo or video!

Congratulation should contain:

- your nickname written by hand;

- WePlay.TV logo;

- tank (airplane or ship) theme of congratulation. It’s not an obligatory, but highly desirable condition.

Works will be accepted and judged in two categories:

1. Photo. Draw on paper, on wallpaper, on car, on snow, on your body – it doesn’t matter where and on whom! Within reason, of course :)

2. Video. Make a beautiful video congratulation. No matter whom or what you'll be recording, the main thing is to have something bright and fun as a result!

You can take part in both categories. Your best work will be taken to consideration.

Only 1 photo and 1 video will be accepted from one person. If you send several works for the same category, administration assumes the right to choose any of them, but only one.

Send your works with the note “WePlay.TV New Year Contest” at this e-mail:

Deadline for works’ submission is December 28. Winners will be announced within the New Year stream, which will be held on Tuesday, December 31, from 19.00 to 21.00 (Moscow time). Emcee of the New Year stream is Hornet_64.

Prize pool of the contest:

1st place (in each category) - gaming keyboard Logitech G105 + 5000 gold;

2nd place (in each category) - gaming mouse Logitech G500 + 5000 gold;

3-е place (in each category) - webcam Logitech C310 + 5000 gold;

4-10 places (in each category) - 2500 gold per each.

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