Courage-Gaming is bursting at the seams!

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Known Russian e-sports organization is breaking up.

Courage-Gaming is bursting at the seams!

Known Russian e-sports organization is breaking up. One of the main problems is the unfulfillment of contract rules and non-payment of salaries.

Well-known Ukrainian line-up of former KerchNet team became a part of Courage and competed in many tournaments under Courage’s tag. But later big problems started and players began to express their discontent publicly.

Line-up was as follows at that moment:

сaptain: Blad3;
рlayer: z1;
рlayer: PriZRaK;
рlayer: s1mple;
рlayer: Wor1d Edit.


Having expressed his displeasure, team’s captain said that he leaves the team together with the other players because of non-payment of salary. At the same time, project manager says that he has paid all the money and follows the contract rules, having posted personally made screenshots to the project group and continuing to tell tall tales to the players.

According to Roman Poltavchenko, one of the players:

“At one time I strongly set my sights on playing CS:GO, don’t know why. I started to do this using an old computer, everything worked out, I played, killed, I enjoyed all these generally. So I decided: why not? By that time I’ve heard about a guy called "Gvardeec", who was managing an organization "Courage Gaming" consisting of several line-ups. Also I’ve heard that he bought devices to someone and so on.

In fact, later I decided to play in a team with Blade, and the team had been already negotiating with the mentioned person called "Gvardeec". There were no pompous promises, just some LANs in case of our successful starseries, there could be talks about some salary. As Blade was our captain and the main part of team’s work was on his shoulders, he was the only who had salary at that time.

So, let’s start. First: our captain’s salary was delayed for one and half a month, as I know. Second: yes, Gvardeec has really helped me with RAM for my computer which costed about 290-300, but later he "sent" me a mouse Logitech g400s. The word "sent" is in quotation marks not by a mistake, because in reality I didn’t receive any mouse and just heard some absurd excuses in response. In general, the main point is that the person promised to send us to Voronezh and Denmark at his own expense, and that he already had 80% of amount for the trip to Denmark, as he had agreements with some sponsors.

Later there were deaths of his parents (mother and then father). However, we should understand that it was only his words, and I leave them for his conscience. Let’s also remember that scam people are generous for a lie. Nevertheless, it’s only my guess.

After this Andrei offered to cancel everything, but Gvardeec said that we would not cancel anything and would go there.

Later, before a trip to Voronezh he was soooooo much stretching the time to buy tickets that, in a result, we had to buy them at the last day before departure, borrowing and reborrowing money.

In the penultimate day Lionya allegedly sent us money to Ukraine by "Hummingbird" via SberBank (to all except WorldEdit as he lives in Moscow). BUT (!!!) he made Russian internal transfer, which is not possible to cash in Ukraine. We told him about this later, already suspecting something wrong (and by that time Lionya had already promised more than million times to pay for the registration in Copenhagen, hotels and so on. Also he told us that he had already written for several times to the administrator (someone Alex), with whom he was cooperating concerning Denmark. Later this information was refuted by Blade). After our talk, Lionya supposedly went to the bank, argued with employees of SberBank of Moscow having told them about their incompetence... aaaaaaaaaand after the second visit to the bank and standing in a queue, HE MADE AN INTERNAL TRANSFER AGAIN ))).”


So, here is a small story about things happening in our e-sports.

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