Counter Pit League is back with its second season

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The second season of Counter Pit League has been announced with the boosted prize pool and LAN finals

The One Game Agency has announced the second season of its Counter Pit League. The first season was played throughout the first half of this year where Team Solomid managed to take the first place by defeating Team EnVyUs in the grand finals 2-0.

The new season is being expanded to more regions, and we will be able to see teams from Europe, North America and Oceania fighting for the lion's share of $80,000. Compared to the first season, the prize pool has been boosted by $30,000 and there is no doubt that we will witness some entertaining action.

Moreover, the new season of Counter Pit League will have a finisher being played in LAN. The venue is set to be the Spaladium arena in Split, Croatia with 10,000 seats. The group stage phase is scheduled to start on November 9th, while the LAN finals will commence on March 17-18th. For those who don't want to miss the live action from Spaladium arena, make sure to head over to the tournament's official facebook page for the more information.


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