Conquest win RGN Freedom! Cup

Dec 22 2015 2 min read
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Conquest have won the online RGN Freedom! Cup tournament over CLG (16-3 on de_mirage and 16-10 on de_cbble).

The RGN Freedom! Cup, a tournament run in association with Youtube network, was a $5,000 North American online tournament which began back in September and only concluded last night with its grand final.

The playoff stages of the tournament were however much delayed due to the plethora of offline events in North America in the final stages of 2015, and even saw Luminosity, a favourite to win the event, cancel their final matches beginning with the upper bracket final as the team's players returned to Brazil for the holidays.

The grand final therefore saw Conquest (who were waiting in the Upper Bracket final) clash with CLG, who came from the lower bracket and would have to win two best-of-threes in order to win the Freedom! Cup.

However, with CLG using a stand-in in the form of Jacob "FugLy" Medina as the team searches for a permanent fifth, it was Conquest who had the upper hand in the grand final.

The primarily Canadian team took de_mirage with a resounding 16-3 scoreline and de_cbble with a 16-10 score, with both maps seeing dominant T-halves from Conquest.

RGN Freedom! Cup final standings:

1.  Conquest - $3,000

2.  CLG - $1,500

3.  Luminosity - $500



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