Code Vein: How to choose a blood code

Oct 31 2019 5 min read

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Code vein is a very cool game because it offers a unique experience in many ways. Even though it resembles Dark Souls a lot, many people still consider it to be as one of the best "vampire-fighting" games out there. As we mentioned in our previous article about this awesome game, there are a couple of blood codes that you can choose from. 

Explaining what those blood codes are is hard but let's just say that they work in a similar way to classes in the other games. However, you can change your blood code whenever it's necessary, which is pretty cool because you can overcome any obstacle on your way. That said, in order to utilise this correctly, you have to learn what does each blood code do and how to use them in a specific situation.

Let's take a look at the things you need to know in order to choose the blood code that works best for your needs.

Blood Codes & Their Gifts

As we mentioned in the beginning, the blood codes are basically classes, which means that each one of them has different stats. However, the thing that sets one blood code apart from the others is the gifts, which are basically special abilities that can help in certain situations. Every single blood code out of 20 in total right now has a different charity. Some of them are awesome in "sticky" positions because they can give you more melee attack damage, for example. In contrast, others are mainly defensive abilities that will help you stay alive.

Some of them might even provide you with extra resistance or also deal direct damage, which makes them very strong, especially when you are about to face a powerful enemy. That said, to take full advantage of the different gifts, you need to switch between the blood codes effectively, which means that you need to know when is the time to "be" as an individual blood code.

Mastering the gifts so that you can inherit them

Regardless of we said above, Code Vein offers a very unique mechanism which allows you to "inherit" a gift from one blood code to another. However, in order to do that, you need to "master" it first, which is not the easiest thing to do. As you can imagine, in order to have every single gift on every unique blood code, it will literally take ages. This means that you need to prioritise which tips bring the most value to you and then just use them. The last thing you want is to spend all that time grinding something that you won't use that much.

It is definitely advisable to start mastering a gift very early on because this will save you a lot of time later on. That said, even if you didn't start right away, you could still make it the end, but it will just be slower.

If you have no idea which is the best gift for you, don't worry. Just try out the different blood codes before you decide to start mastering one. After all, you can't really know what you need before you actually see it first.

Choosing the right Blood Code

As we already said, there is no "perfect" blood code. Every single one of them has its ups and downs and can suit a different playstyle. We don't really recommend you to copy another player and his choices because his playstyle can be entirely different from what you prefer doing. That said, we can divide the blood codes into three big categories: Fighters, who are mainly occupied in the melee combat; Casters, who use various spells to fight; Rangers, who are very good at dodging attacks and use range weapons as their primary source of strength.

Choosing what you want to play is very important because each blood code will "adjust" different stats which will also affect the weapons you use. In addition to that, it also affects the amount of ichor that you can have, which is directly connected with the amounts of gifts you can cast.

In order to choose a different blood code, open your menu, and you will see all blood codes and their different stats that you can see. The ones that are in blue will be an improvement to your current stats, whereas the ones in red will be a downgrade. For example, casters usually have low HP and Stamina; however, they make up for it by having a pretty good ichor pool, which allows them to cast more gifts. On the other hands, the Fighters have a lot of Stamina and Balance so that they can work wonders in close combats.

Don't worry too much about getting every single stats to the max. In fact, it is way more important to check the different weapons and gifts buffs that you get, because, at the end of the day, that's what's important. For example, you might come across different enemies that have different types of attacks. This means that if your enemy is good at doing lightning damage, you should choose a blood code that has good stats against this.

In the end, you will find out for yourself what works best for you and your specific style. Most people opt for Casters because they are a safe option in most cases. After all, it's way easier to stay back and just cast your gifts. However, some people want to be "inside" the action at all time so that the Fighters might be the better option for them.

Good luck and remember - Never Give Up!


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