Cliff Bleszinski says he's never coming back to making video games

Nov 20 2018 2 min read

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Cliff Bleszinski's studio Boss Key Production has had a rough time. An unsuccessful release of LawBreakers was followed by an unsuccessful release of Radical Heights, when Cliff decided to jump on a Battle Royale hype train. All this resulted in inevitable studio's closure, and Cliff himself got offended by the very gaming community that ignored his games.

Bleszinski is best known for his unforgettable gift to all the gamers which is obviously Gears of War, so it's pretty hard to imagine that this man could leave his love for game development behind. His comments on Boss Key's closure suggested he'll one day return to his duty, but his recent words are of quite the opposite mood. Cliff first promised to take a break, but now he's decided to never come back to making video games.

As GamesIndustry reports, a fresh Twitter account directly targeted Cliff Bleszinski in a tweet the other day (now deleted), claiming that developers did nothing good leaving players with no refunds after LawBreakers' shutdown. The user was disappointed by Bleszinski's disrespectful attitude, saying that players spent their money trying to support developers but got nothing in return.

In a response to that Cliff tried to build a defence, saying he himself earned nothing on the game, but instead cut his salary to pay his employees in time - even months after studio's closure. By the tweet's end he must've gotten really angry, so he finished with a pretty irritated comment:

I get you're sad, but god, this kinda shit is another reason I am NEVER making another game.

He got commented by his former employee, who claimed he’d been only getting his payment for three weeks after Boss Key collapsed, which is not even close to Cliff's statement regarding "months" of support. Still, Cliff believes he "did the right thing".

GamesIndustry later asked Cliff for a clarification on his words about leaving game development, and he simply replied: "I'm done". Whether he is serious or we witness another round of Cliffy B's famous quotes that hardly prove to be true, remains uncertain.


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