Chromie and Medivh are coming to Heroes of the Storm

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Blizzard published new video about creation of new heroes and their skins in HotS

Blizzard published a new "In development" post in official Heroes of the Storm blog where they tell about how they created Chromie and Medivh - two new heroes that are soon to arrive to Nexus - as well as their skins and mounts.


We are excited to announce the next two Heroes to enter the Nexus!

Chromie – The first representative of the Azeroth Dragonflights to join the Nexus, Chromie is a long-range artillery mage with the ability to bend time to her will. With some of the highest kill-potential in the game, this Gnome packs a very powerful punch. Chromie will be joining the Nexus during the week of May 17.

Medivh – A powerful ranged Specialist wielding arcane powers to manipulate the battlefield to the benefit of his team—and to the detriment of his enemies. With the ability to create portals for his team and become an invulnerable Raven, players will soon learn that it’s great to have this Archmage on their side. Medivh will be joining the Nexus during the week of June 14.

Alongside these two new Heroes, tons of other awesome new content is on its way to the Nexus, including a new ranked system, mounts, skins, portraits, and more! Get a first look at some of this new content, including the Heroes Chromie and Medivh, in our newest “In Development” video below:

Besides, the devs already deployed a new update to PTR server where you can test new heroes and other changes. Full PTR patch notes can be found here

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