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Nov 29 2019 8 min read

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There are only 25 days left until the most beautiful and full of surprises time will come. We're waiting for Christmas miracles every year, and every time it's a pleasure to receive presents from our relatives, friends, and closest people. But better feelings can be gained when you present something special to your loved one. If you had thought, "Well, Mike (Stella, Steven, Bill, Nikky, etc.) is a gamer. What can I present him/her for Christmas this year?" - you're on the right page, and we'll tell you possible options for every budget. Make your choice!

Note: all gifts are arranged by high to low prices. 

Second note: hurry up until Black Friday sales are over!

  • Money

It's the most obvious and simple, but necessary gift. When you don't have an opportunity to know what a gamer wishes for Christmas and don't want to make a mistake, choosing a bad option, money is always a good idea.

Price: from $1 to eternity

  • In-game item

For a man who is unfamiliar with the gaming industry, it'll be hard to imagine that someone could spend $23.850 on knife skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But that is true, there are millions of items in various games like Dota 2, Fortnite, CS:GO, etc., that cost real money. And a passionate gamer could dream about a cherished in-game item for years. Until you as kind and generous Santa buy it for him/her.

P.S. If you think it's insane purchase, then you need to know a curious fact — SEE Virtual Worlds paid $6.000.000 to the Entropia Universe game developers for Calypso planet in the game, hoping to pay off this purchase by using it for commercial purposes. This case was included in The Guinness Book Of World Records, but no one knows it was paid off or not. 

Price: from $0.01 (some things in Dota 2) to eternity 

  • Various equipment for PC (accessories)

We mean keyboards, mouses, graphic cards, webcameras, microphones, headsets, etc. All this staff is a valuable and delightful gift. But here is one significant moment: for example, a mouse is a very specific gear because every gamer chooses it, relying on convenience, quality, and even brand. It's thin ice, but if you know what the person wants (or maybe he/she mentioned this wish earlier) in advance - you're on the right path. 

Here is an important thing: buy an item if you are 100% sure that the person needed it. Admit, if a gamer doesn't need another mouse or keyboard you choose, it would be a lousy gift. Anyway, you can always switch to the first option.

Price: $10 to $43.000 (you can choose according reviews and your budget)

  • Collectible figure

A desirable gift for a game fan: specialized departments of the game studios or Amazon and even Aliexpress can offer you thousands of figures from games like The WitcherFortniteMario, and so on. Do you want to surprise your friend with an unusual gift? All you need is to know his/her favorite game (or a music band - gamers like listening to music on the gaming process background). 

Price: $8 to $24.371 (depends on a store, seller and quality)

  • Gaming chair

A good and comfortable chair can increase gamers' skills. No kidding. If a gamer has no troubles with his perfect place for quiet (or not) playing games, then it's 100% sure that he will be a better player and could earn more money in the future... well, at least, my nephew told this way to his parents trying to convince them to buy an expensive gaming chair as his birthday present. 

Price: from $60 to $3600 (yeah, Imperatorworks Gaming Chair costs this amount of money)

  • Robotic vacuum cleaner

You can think - is this really a gift for a gamer, not for a housekeeper? Yes. Players want to spend their free time playing games, not cleaning. So, it'll be a better option for those gamers who already have all the necessary gear but want something great and original.

Price: from $93 to $999 (depends on a model and store)

  • Playstation 4 or Xbox One console

Every PC-player dreams about his/her own console. Even if he/she refuses to admit it, there is always be a place for curiosity, "what is all the fuss all about?"

Price: PS4 — from $277 to $330; Xbox One — from $173 to $250 (depends on version and bundle) 

  • Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube Premium, etc. subscription

Everybody loves tv-shows, movies, cartoons, anime, etc. All you need is to know which streaming service the person prefers. 

Price: from $9.99 to ~$600 (depends on service and months number)

  • Game-themed artwork

Your imagination in this option is limitless. You can either order a drawing from a professional artist or contact a special service for high-quality poster printing and then put the poster in a frame. Also, if you have the proper skill, desire, and inspiration, you can create a picture with your own hands.

Price: $1 to $400

  • Modded PS4 or Xbox controllers

If you need to figure out a gift for a console gamer who already has all the necessary equipment for his/her console gaming — a modded controller is the best option. Can you imagine that pleasure that a player can receive from playing his/her favorite game with a brand-new tuned or modded controller? He/she will get many more emotions from the gaming process, seeing this brilliant in the hands. Also, as a cheaper gift - you can search for special stickers or thumb grips for analog sticks.

Price: from $0.5 (for stickers) to $370

  • Mousepad

It's more likely that pro-gamer already has his favorite mousepad, but he/she will be glad to receive your attention in the form of a branded or game-themed mousepad. You can even worry about a person's comfort and buy a mousepad with a special wrist rest place.

Price: from $5 to $300 (depends on brand, configuration, pattern, seller)

  • A book about creation of a favorite game or its lore

A true fan of games not only plays them but also watches various videos on the process of creating a game or reads specialized literature related to the game's lore or supplementing it. Plus, this is a great reason to move from a computer/console to a more convenient place or go out with a book to the park to feel the fresh air.

Price: from $10 to $250 (some special publications)

  • Table refrigerator for drinks and food

Many gamers consume energy drinks to stay up all night long or to be more concentrated and energized. It's convenient when you don't need to stop a game to grab some refreshing drinks or healthy fruits to have a snack. The person who receive such a Christmas gift would be happy.

Price: from $35 to $126

  • Board games

A great option to distract an avid gamer from his/her favorite place and spend time with family and friends. A good board game, if it is also based on the plot of a favorite computer/console game, will always be a wonderful Christmas present.

Price: from $5 to $120

  • Game-themed t-shirt or hoodie

This present will be welcomed and loved. Moreover, every time a player wears it, he/she will think about you with gratitude. Do we need to mention that all eyes will be on the gamer with this gift? 

Price: from $5 to $100 (depends on service, pattern and quality)

  • PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Google Stadia, etc. subscription

Gaming services give a player various options to play different games for free (like PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold services provide) or to connect with other gamers via multiplayer games. Also, a console player with this subscription has an opportunity to purchase some games with a good discount. 

Streaming services like Google Stadia help a gamer to play the newest games with high PC system requirements on slow PCs.

Price: from $9.99 (1 month of Xbox Live Gold) and $24.99 (3 months of PS+) to $60 per year.

  • Any desirable game

Here you have several options: from purchasing a particular game that the person wants to buy a gift card in a game store or recharge the balance on Steam, Origin, PSN, etc. 

Price: from $1 to $60 (or more, if you want)

  • Game-themed decorations for a Christmas tree

Here you can also show the wonders of your skillful hands and create such toys yourself or search for specific Christmas decorations in the style of a favorite game of the person for whom the gift is intended.

Price: from $1 to $60

  • Game-themed alarm clock or table lamp

A beautiful alarm clock/watch with the logo of the gamer's favorite game or a lamp decorated with a picture from an adorable gaming universe will be not only pleasing to the eye but also be beneficial for everyday purposes.

Price: from $5 to $40

  • Game-themed mug

It'll cause warm memories about you every time a gamer will look at this mug or take a sip of hot cacao/refreshing cola from it.

Price: from $5 to $50 

  • Verbal compliment for good skill in his/her favorite game with a warm hug and congratulations.


We hope that this list will help you succeed in your goal to find a perfect gift for a gamer. Happy Thanksgiving Day and Merry Christmas!


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