Cheaters qualified for the Fortnite World Cup

Jun 05 2019 2 min read

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Throughout Fortnite World Cup history, cheaters have been a big problem. In fact, they were a problem for all the big Epic Games events. In the past, the company even had to cancel tournaments' results and withdraw the prizes because the winners cheated. The recent drama between Tfue and FaZe Clan has diverted the players' attention a little from the problem, but now the question has once again become observant.

The fact is that two players - XXIF and Ronaldo - qualified for the World Cup. They were already caught red-handed in the early tournaments and deprived of the prize, they were temporarily banned. But the bans lasted only 2 weeks and ended by the time the qualification began, which these two players had successfully made through.

The reaction of other professionals is extremely negative for two reasons. First, many people believe that even if qualifications are considered separate tournaments, they still are made by Epic in order to qualify for the championship, so disqualification at one of the stages should also disqualify them from the championship.

And secondly, the boys might have cheated again.

The frames are not very clear, but given the reputation of XXIF, it is obvious why everyone doubts his honesty.

The famous streamer DrLupo criticized both the players and Epic. He also expressed bewilderment why such talented players like XXIF and Ronaldo need to cheat, if they are good enough without it.

Given the history of well-known incidents, Epic, most likely, will review the footage or change the rules. But for now, these players are in the list of participants for the World Cup.

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