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So, the year 2013 has come to its end. Everyone is waiting for mandarins and champagne, but starcrafters are also waiting for a new WCS season.

So, the year 2013 has come to its end. Everyone is waiting for mandarins and champagne, but starcrafters are also waiting for a new WCS season. Blizzard does not stand at one place, and maybe in 2014 they will manage to turn WCS into a self-sufficient e-sports system. Again in the new year we expect three seasons, which will be held in three major regions: Korea, America and Europe. But now they will not be identical, and here are the reasons.

This year Blizzard finally realized that they cannot win the Korean mafia represented by GSL. And as it is known, if you want to defeat mafia you need to legalize it and force it to work for your business. Peculiarities of the region were taken into account, and GomTV will soon become the only official partner of Starcraft 2 WCS in Korea. Moreover name GSL remains unchanged, as well as it was allowed to use the classic symbols of their leagues and to increase the prize pool. It is not clear who has put conditions to whom? And who from Blizzard’s side has led such kind of losing negotiations? Apparently Koreans have their own atmosphere there. OGN company which was engaged in conduction of WCS Korea in 2013, as well as led the broadcast, reserved the right to make their own arrangements on Starcraft 2 (for example, can create a champ among schoolchildren). And to cheer them up at least a little bit, Blizzard, from its king's shoulder, allowed OGN to organize tournaments on Hearthstone:Heroes of Warcraft.

In Europe and America everything will be as it was before. Among the innovations is just a simplified scheme of the tournament. After regional qualifying tournaments the best players will get to Challenger League. At this stage 48 players will compete in 5 matches each (24 players from the third season and 24 new players). The best players will get to Premier League, the final of which will be held among 8 of them. Live broadcasts will be shown on Twitch channel. Blizzard promises to hold Premier League games twice a week with a 6-week break between seasons. It’s done with a purpose to give the possibility for organizers of regional tournaments to adjust the broadcasting, to avoid coinciding of their games with WCS broadcasts.
And one more innovation from Blizzard is a partially closed regions. In 2013 many players from the eastern regions (in particular China and Taiwan) changed the home region and participated in American qualifiers. Of course, it is one thing to play a qualifier in the USA and quite another thing is to play in Korea. In 2014 the shifters were put in their places, most seeds will be left for the permanent residents of America and Europe. The exception, of course, will be GSL, it is still an open league, so everyone who wants can teach Koreans a lesson.

Who will carry out the qualifying games in CIS is not clear yet, but Blizzard is ready for cooperation and is looking for partners.
Prize pool of competitions will amount to 1.6 million of evergreen dollars.

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