Changes in map pool of WoT tournaments

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Widepark map will be changed to Cliff map.

After the latest announcement some serious errors were found on Widepark map, which affect the balance of the map. For example, it’s impossible to break and send a bullet through some parts of fences. That’s why Widepark map will be changed to Cliff map.  
Cliff map has been used in e-sports competitions for a long time, as well as in Team Battles of the game.

New map pool:

     1/256 - Fisherman's Bay
     1/128 - Abbey
     1/64 - Ruinberg
     1/32 - Widepark Cliff  
     1/16 - Mines
     1/8 - Ensk
     1/4 - Steppes
     1/2 - Himmelsdorf
     Final – Prokhorovka

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