Castlevania: Main Characters of Franchise

Nov 21 2018 5 min read

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For all those V-lovers out there who have not seen the new season of Castlevania yet, this is an opportunity to refresh their memory of characters, and for those who have not watched the series at all, it is a nice way to get to know the heroes of the story. So let’s get down to business!

Castlevania is a universe of vampires, werewolves, demons and monster hunters. The series include action-adventure horror games, books, mangas and TV series. 

In broad terms, Castlevania is all about the everlasting struggle of good and evil, light and dark, love and hate.

The action is set in the 15th century, in Wallachia, a region south of Transylvania (which, as we all know, is the land of vampires). Count Dracula is enraged by the unjust execution of his beloved wife Lisa, and is dedicated to punish the humanity for all the awful deeds. He sends a hoard of monsters to slaughter everyone on their way, and as his army approaches the small town of Murdenu on the outskirts of Gresit, we first hear of the family of Belmont and see the last member of this clan — Trevor Belmont.

Trevor Belmont




Trevor Belmont is a descendant of the family that was entrusted with the duty of slaying Count Dracula and various other monsters. However, the Belmonts were believed to participate in black magic rituals, and were eventually exiled and banished from their ancestral lands by the Church

The excommunication has had an indelible mark on Trevor’s personality. It made him quite a cynical alcoholic who is apathetic to the citizens of Wallachia. He decided not to interfere if he sees any of them in trouble, after what had been done to his family, although he still believes in the protection of those who were wronged. Even as he knows his duty, he sees the assistance and knowledge as unwanted. 

As he is indifferent about citizens of Wallachia, he is unmerciful to monsters. Thanks to his broad and deep knowledge of beasts, he can observe the rival and reach the verdict in a blink of an eye. Coming on his enemies like a hurricane of rage, he uses all his exceptional strength and cat-like reflexes. Trevor is known to win a bar fight while being drunk as a lord. When sober, he can easily slay the horde of demons single-handed. He is quick to recover from the majority of injuries. Being an impeccable swordsman he is an opponent not easy to defeat. 


Alucard (read backwards)




Adrian "AlucardŢepeş is, as you have probably already guessed, related to Dracula. And if you have not, well, you were probably hit by the stupid stick. 

In fact, Alucard is a son of Dracula and his late wife Lisa. He was loved by both his parents and thus took everything good from them. He has a sharp mind and outstanding combat skills, just like his father, and is as sophisticated and kind-hearted as his mother.

Alucard showed himself as a righteous man when he heard of Dracula’s plan to exterminate humankind after Lisa’s execution, and tried to stop him from vengeance. He fought Dracula and showed the ability to stand against the powerful strikes. 

In the fight, he can use the whole arsenal of powers and abilities he has: superhuman strength, incredible speed, and levitation. Alucard also has the ability of telekinesis, which he demonstrates by making his sword attack enemies in fights. 

And what a vampire (a dhampir to be more precise) would he be without the talent of shape-shifting! Like any respectable creature of the night, he can turn into the classical form of a flock of bats, just as he can choose to turn into a wolf, which is quite helpful in the battle. 






With the deep and old history of vampires and vampire slayers, we are all familiar with the notorious Count Dracula and tales of his cruelty. In Castlevania series, the main antagonist appears in two hypostases — as Vlad Ţepeş, and as Count Dracula

This immortal undead is known for his inexplicable misanthropy, incomparable intellect and immeasurable strength. 

When Dracula first met Lisa, who came to his castle to gain more knowledge, he asked her jokingly if she had any silver or garlic on her, and proceeded to state that it is a completely stupid superstition, implying they have no effect on him. After getting to know Lisa closely, Dracula admitted that she is "definitely different to most humans". He was impressed by her kindness, intelligence and civility. Lisa and Dracula, who used name Vlad throughout all years of their life together, soon married and had a son, Adrian

The unjust murder of his beloved wife had driven Dracula insane, or rather showed his demonic nature. As he began falling into depression and madness, we learned how cruel he can be, and what is his position in the world of vampires. Dracula turned out to be not only the most powerful of them, but also to be the leader of that world. All vampire generals obeyed his orders, even though they disapproved of them. They had not only great respect towards him, but even greater fear as Dracula could put an end to their existence with a swing of the sword. In the battle, he is an invincible opponent, a master swordsman, but as deadly as the sword can be, Dracula prefers to use his any less dangerous fangs and claws. 

Count Dracula has proven many times to be able to control fire, as he teleported from one place to another in a pillar of flame and summoned a ball of burning lava-like fire. Dracula has a lot means for travelling, but his favourites are either by the projection through the fire, or by turning into a flock of bat or crows.


Sypha Belnades




Sypha is one of the main protagonists of the series. Being from the tribe of Speakers, who were falsely accused by the Church for bringing on Dracula’s anger upon them, Sypha possesses a deep knowledge of the history of Wallachia, tales of past and prophecies of future. She is an extremely powerful mage and a well-educated scholar. 

Speaking of her magical abilities, she can cast different spells and break magic seals due to her extensive knowledge of ancient languages. She can easily bend air, water and fire according to her needs. Just like Potter burnt Prof Quirrell, she can burn vampire generals with the touch of her hand.  She can also freeze water in any shape that is needed. Lacking the talent of flight, she compensates with the power of wind-control. Weather Sypha needs to lift her from the ground or to soften the fall, she can do it without even flinching. 

Although stronger than many of her kind, Sypha is still not as strong as, for example, Trevor and especially Alucard, and cannot recover from Dracula’s blows as fast as her companions.  


Tell me in the comments what do you think about Castlevania and do you want to know more about it


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