Casablanca World Fighters top 8 standings

Jan 06 2020 3 min read

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Although a day behind Kumite in Tennessee 2020, Casablanca World Fighters also took place over the weekend, making some fighting game pros choose between it and KiT2020. The international event ran from January 5-6.

The likes of  Marwan "Wawa" Berthe,  Abdellatif "XFrame" El Biyadi,  and Othmane "deadakari" Akari decided to make an appearance in Morocco instead of the United States. Being a qualifying event for SNK World Championship, there was much more at stake for players like Masanobu "M" Murakami. 

In dominating fashion, won the trophy across three out of the five main tournament titles, one of which was King of Fighters XIV. It's certainly a strong showing for the first event of the year, but whether he'll be able to reproduce this result at the SNK World Championship is what will determine his supremacy by season end. 

A total of 110 participants signed up for King of Fighters XIV, with over 80 for Samurai Shodown and about 60 each for Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters XIII, and King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match. King of Fighters '98 and Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition were also present as community tournaments.

Here are the top 8 standings:

King of Fighters XIV 

  • 1. Masanobu "M" Murakami - Sanwa

  • 2. Koukou

  • 3. Atifi "Ichisim" Mohammed 

  • 4. Redouane "Frezzer" DAHBI - vSlash Esports

  • 5. Hjirt "Hntati" Mustapha 

  • 5. Harry "InfernoKong" Adams 

  • 7. Abdelkhalek "AbdouKOF" Nassiri 

  • 7. Mohamed "Wolfman" Oubah 

Samurai Shodown 

  • 1. Mohamed "Wolfman" Oubah 

  • 2. AbdLah "xWarriorBySandx" ElMehdi 

  • 3. Redouane "Frezzer" DAHBI - vSlash Esports 

  • 4. Naili "Frionel" Khalid 

  • 5. Ali "Mouljaveel" Zniber 

  • 5. Houssam "JetKun" E. - MESA

  • 7. Yassine "YAX" Taoussi 

  • 7. Mourad "MF Odin" El garma 

Dragon Ball FighterZ 

  • 1. Marwan "Wawa" Berthe - AS Monaco Esports 

  • 2. Hasni "Noka" Rivallin - Team Oplon

  • 3. Slash - TU

  • 4. Atifi "Ichisim" Mohammed 

  • 5. AbdLah "xWarriorBySandx" ElMehdi  

  • 5. Nahi "Redraven" Amine 

  • 7. Jalil "TedTheMechanic" Sefrioui 

  • 7. Hamza "sloth" Badrane

King of Fighters XIII

  • 1. Masanobu "M'" Murakami - Sanwa 

  • 2. Koukou 

  • 3. Atifi "Ichisim" Mohammed 

  • 4. Naili "Frionel" Khalid

  • 5.Abdellatif "XFrame" El Biyadi - Baztami

  • 5. Redouane "Frezzer" DAHBI - vSlash Esports 

  • 7. Moussine "Yassine" Yassine-Shikamaru - AGG

  • 7. Mouad "Criticalhito" Belkoulchi 

King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match 

  • 1. Masanobu "M" Murakami - Sanwa 

  • 2. Mohamed "Wolfman" Oubah 

  • 3. Prisca "Vics" Leon - ON 

  • 4. Abdellah "V3K" Tangarfi 

  • 5. Azeddine "megaman" Driouiche

  • 5. Mouad "Criticalhito" Belkoulchi 

  • 7. Abdelkhalek "AbdouKOF" Nassiri 

  • 7. Achraf "cap1000" Chrifi Alaoui 

King of Fighters '98 

  • 1. Reda "Redkof" Idrissi samlali 

  • 2. Morad "Kofmor" IDRISSI Samlali - 10

  • 3. Azeddine "megaman" Driouiche

  • 4. Achraf "cap1000" Chrifi Alaoui

  • 5. Mohamed "Krouchamine" Krouch 

  • 5. Game-Over

  • 7. CapoZiyad

  • 7. Nabil "NRed" Reddahi

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

  • 1. Anouar "Kyor1s" Jamal - ZAZ

  • 2. Yassine "YAX" Taoussi

  • 3. Soufiane "[Ken'Masters]" Youssoufi

  • 4. Omar "Omarovitch" Amrani - MAR

  • 5. Mohamed "Wolfman" Oubah

  • 5. Othmane "deadakari" Akari

  • 7. Moussine "Yassine" Yassine-Shikamaru - AGG

  • 7. Mohamed "Oranger" Marhouar - Orochikun

Wolfman and AbdouKOF received sponsorship from MDJS E-Sports, the tournament's organizer, for their exceptional play. Most of the best players at the event appeared in the top 8 of multiple titles. 

Only King of Fighters XIV was a qualifying event for the SNK tournament circuit. SNK World Championship is scheduled to take place from March 28-29 in Tokyo, Japan, and features a prize pool of over ¥10 million. 


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