Capcom showcases Seth's Tanden Engine

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Capcom showcases Seth's Tanden Engine

The new V-Skill become a nightmare to deal with

Capcom gave Seth's V-Skill the spotlight over on Twitter recently. The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition villain's power to steal his opponent's abilities was showcased in a brief video. 

Initially introduced in Street Fighter IV, the leader of S.I.N could perform many of the game's roster's signature moves. In Street Fighter V: Champion Edition its called the Tandem Engine and is used to copy specific abilities from his opponent. 

In the video, Seth steals Falke's Psycho Kugel fireball, which also gives him a staff and leaves his opponent open to combos after it connects. Next was Kage from whom Seth received Ryusokyaku ax kick, which can be chained into combos as well. From Alex, Seth received Air Stampede stomp, while from Menat, he got her Soul Sphere orb.

Using the V-Skill will pull Seth's opponents in with the Tandem Engine. Using it once more will then have him use the installed move he just stole. This ease of use potentially means that Seth could perform more complex moves simply by executing his V-Skill after copying it. 

Seth is also able to copy Blanka's Beast Ball, Guile's Sonic Boom, Ken's Shoryuken, and Juri's flip kick. Whether or not Capcom will reveal all the moves Seth can steal is uncertain for now, but the mechanic will undoubtedly lead to some exciting matchups. 

Seth arrives on February 14, 2020, as the 40th character in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

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