Capcom Pro Tour NA west: Samurai Is The Last Qualifier for Capcom Cup!

Nov 23 2020 3 min read

Miky Chea was a figure of absolute calm as he ran down his opponents to take the last qualifier spot for Capcom Cup

That's it! There are no other qualifiers for the Capcom Cup 2020, with the last chance being the fan vote that has now been opened.

After a thrilling final, Miky 'Samurai' Chea took the top spot and will now be contestant number 19 for the next Capcom cup. He won 3-1 against Alex Myers after a bracket reset. While Myers' Chun li was incredible, Samurai's Akuma was just way too strong and was the deserved winner.

Samurai has been a very impressive player for many years now, and his current run with the NASR esports team in the SFL is entertaining to watch. In the first edition of the North America Capcom pro tour online, Samurai was a finalist but narrowly lost out to Nephew's Kolin. But with this competition, he made no mistake and ensured a place in the Capcom showpiece due to take place next year.

Samurai was not the only player on display at the NA west pro tour as the likes of Punk, JB, Snake Eyez, and Chris CCH all showed their mettle in a thrilling tournament.


Okay, let's get the major story out of the way. The last CPT North America West 1 was pretty controversial as it saw Punk lose to Alex Myers in the top 16. This sent Punk crashing out of the tournament, and he blamed his defeat on a laggy match. While there was a lot of sympathy for Punk, laggy games are an unfortunate part of the Street Fighter V online experience. While his disappointment was understandable, his outburst at Myers and his alleged rant at Alex Valle were not as well-received. He was punished by Capcom, who stated that he would have to start the next tournament from losers' bracket. While Punk's status as one of the best players in the world is undisputed, trying to win a tournament all the way from losers' bracket is a big ask, and Punk met his end at the hands of Prototype, who's Honda was too much for Punk. While Punk can't make it to the Cup next year through the Capcom pro tour, he still has a chance of making it through the fan vote. However, in a tweet made after his exit from the competition, he stated that he would prefer not to go to the tournament at all, a decision that didn't last very long as he deleted the tweet and stated in another that he is willing to go for the competition if he wins the fan vote. 

The Return of Snake Eyez

Snake Eyez was one of the best Giefs I ever saw. Unfortunately, he hasn't been going to many events but was still pretty active online. So, seeing him in the latest CPT was a sight for sore eyes, and it was also nice to see that even though he uses Kage now, many of the hallmarks of his game remain intact: the impeccable footsies, the immense corner pressure, and the flashy combo chains he is so adept at. He lost to Myers in the losers' final but had, up to that point, really put on a show with his uncompromising gameplay. He might not be in the Capcom Cup, but he did remind us of just how much of an incredible player he is.

There is now only one more spot for the Capcom Cup, and honestly, with the number of people that are out of the competition, it is practically impossible to predict who will get the fan vote. When you consider that Tokido, Fuudo, Alex Myers, Problem X, Bonchan, Luffy... and Punk didn't make the cut, picking a potential winner becomes incredibly difficult. I think I know who my vote will go to, any idea of yours?


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