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Call of Duty: World War II is a first-person shooter which was released in 2017. Despite that, many people believe that it is one of the best CoD series ever. 

The game's campaign is set in Europe around the first infantry division following their battles on the western front and set mainly in the historical events of Operation overload. The player can control Ronald "Red" Daniels, who also has a couple of friends who can give you health, ammo, or grenades as well as overall help. Of course, apart from the campaign, there are also many other ways to have fun in Call of Duty: WW2. 

Having said that, one of the most common and also difficult things to do is to collect a number of special hidden mementos inside each mission. In fact, there are 33 in total and they are very easy to miss if you have no idea where to look. However, if you actually find then, you will be able to also unlock the "Piece of History"Trophy or achievement, which is very rare.

It is also important to know that even if you missed any of the locations which will be mentioned below, you can just select the specific mission from the mission select menu and go to it.

Mementos locations in Mission 1 – D-DAY

In total, there are three things to look out for in the first mission.

  • Nazi Knife - This is the very first memento that you will stumble across in CoD. In order to obtain it, you need to follow the trench while you are doing the objective called Ascend the Bluffs. When you get to the very end of it, there will be a turret bunker and the knife will be inside it. 
  • Compass - The compass is located in a storage room just left from the fourth bunker that you see. You will be able to obtain the compass while you are doing the objective called Clear the Bunkers. The precious item will be inside an Ammo box.
  • Pathfinder Patch - Last, but not least, we have the third memento in mission one. In order to get this, you need to reach the objective Rally with your Platoon first. Once you do that, you need to destroy the Artillery with dynamite. However, be careful because it does a lot of damage, so be sure to take cover before you actually do it. The last thing you would want is to die for no reason.
    Once you open the door, there will be a small wooden table and the Pathfinder Patch will be just there waiting for you.

Mementos Locations in Mission 2 – OPERATION COBRA

Similar to the previous mission, there are also three mementos here.

  • Lighter - this is the first one and you can get it in the very start of the mission. While you are doing the objective called Get on the Tank, go to the right and there will be two soldiers who just stay near the transport truck. Behind them, there will be a couple of barrels and all you need to do is to destroy them until you find the item.
  • Pocket Watch - As soon as you reach the area where there are a lot of farms, start looking around a little bit more. You will eventually stumble across a wooden shack while you are doing the objective called Reach the AA gun. The Pocket Watch will be on a table inside it,
  • Gas Mask - the last one to get is located in a very big bunker. In order to get there, while you are doing the In the Push part, go behind a tank and just follow then until you reach the bunker. After that, just walk inside and you will be able to see it.

 Mementos Locations in Mission 3 – STRONGHOLD

  • Locket - This item is obtainable while you are doing the objective Take the Church. As soon as you start the mission, go inside the first building and go to the first floor. There, just look around a little bit and you will be able to find it next to a painting with a golden frame. 
  • SS Pin - Unlike the other mementos, this one is definitely a lot harder to get because it is very well hidden inside the church. Having said that, when you go inside and kill the enemies, try looking for a hole int the ground. The SS pin will be right near it, so you pretty much can't miss it.
  • Fuel Canister - You can get the last mementos in the third mission while you are doing the objective called Defend the area. After you protect your squad, you will have to exit the church and go straight forward until you see a flag. Then, just go near the flag and look at the ground until you find the Fuel Canister next to the first barricade.

 Mementos Locations in Mission 4 – S.O.E.

  • White Rose Poster - this is most likely the easiest mementos to get out of all so far. All you need to do is go to the first house that you see once you start the mission. Once there, head to the backyard and you will see the poster just standing there. Oh, don't forget that you will also have to deal with a couple of enemies but they are fairly easy so do not worry at all.
  • Dog collar - this one is obtainable in the "In the Stop the train" objective. After you do all that needs to be done here, go to the house and search the living room for a piano. The dog collar will be on top of it, so you can't really miss it if you find the piano.
  • Rocket Blueprint - This memento is possible to get only at the very end of the chapter. The objective is called "Rally with your Squad" and when the train crashes, you will go to a special area where a dog will attack you. However, before you actually go there, try looking for a memento collectible from the train crash.

Mementos Locations in Mission 5 – LIBERATION

  • Propaganda Poster - this is one of the coolest mementos to get. You can do it while you are on the Search for Officer Fisher objective and being undercover in Paris.
    Once there, enter the big building there and go to the Toilettes which are just a couple of meters away from the entrance of this place. Open the door in the right corner and then just go get the poster.  Keep it in mind that the poster will be on the ground, not on the wall.
  • Liquor Bottle - After you meet with Henrich and get the needed explosives in order to finish the objective called "Place explosives on the north gate", you will see a door behind the truck where you have to place those explosives. It is closed but you can just burst into it and if you do that, you will get a bonus objective to rescue Fisher.
    When you get inside, take the stairs and go inside the first room there which will be on the right. Inside, you will find the Liquor bottle sitting on a pretty cool briefcase.
  • German Medal - In order to get this, you need to do the Assault the garrison objective. Unlike the rest, this Memento is related to you doing some damage to your enemies. When you deal with them, head over to the Notre-dame church and you will see a German vehicle that was just destroyed. Look around a little bit and you will find the German Medal.

Mementos locations in Mission 6 – COLLATERAL DAMAGE

  • Music Sheet - there will be a special objective in this mission where you will have to go to a Hotel. After you get it, follow a very narrow street that will lead you to a huge white HALT poster and a piano next to it. Look somewhere near the piano for a piece of paper, which will be the Musc Sheet memento.
  • Cigarette box - similar to the first memento, this one is also obtainable while you are doing the same objective - Reach the Hotel.
    Once you actually reach it, go to the second apartment where you will find a solider that you can help. Near him, there will be two holes in the walls and you need to take the one on the right and then go upstairs. After you do this, just look around in the room that you go to for a fireplace and the cigarette box will be right next to it.
  • Hotel Pen - Again, the same objective, however, this time you need to help the solider to move the truck in order to secure the objective. Then, go to the lobby of the hotel and get the pen that stands there.

Mementos locations in Mission 7 – DEATH FACTORY

  • German Flare Gun - After you are done defending the bridge, go down the river and deal with the mortar team. There will also be three trucks there and one of them contains the German Flare Gun.
  • Food Container - you can obtain this one during the objective called Find your Squad. When you escape, you will have to look for your squad. However, while doing this, you will stumble across a dead airplane pilot and his airplane. Go inside it and look for the Food Container.
  • US Army Rations - The objective here is called "Eliminate the Sniper" and what you need to do is to go to the bunker where the sniper stays. Once there, open the door and take the stairs which lead to the sniper nest. Once there, look around for the US Army Rations. 

Mementos locations in Mission 8 – Hill 493

  • Journal - While doing the objective Capture the Kill, go to the bunker there and you will see the item.
  • Pipe - When you do the objective called Destroy the Artillery, go to the place where Pierson is kneeling. Once there, there will be an ammo cache behind him and you just need to take it.
  • Billfold - When you exit the bunker, go to the left and you will find another bunker next to the burning tree in the woods. Go inside and take the Billfold.

Mementos locations in Mission 9 – Battle of the Bulge Memento Locations

  • Camera - In order to get this memento, go to the spawn point look around the rocks there. This is probably the easiest one to obtain.
  • Comic book - You can get this one while doing the objective called "Deliver the Ammo box". In fact, this collectible is located at the exact place where you need to deliver the box. You will be able to see the comic book as soon as you put down the box.
  • Wings - In the objective Regroup on Pierson, go near your squad and then turn right until you see the trees. Go to it and look for a foxhole with a cardboard box in front of it. 

Mementos locations in Mission 10 Memento Locations – Ambush

  • Magazine - In order to get this one, you need to enter the German base where you'll find two hangars. One of them will have a plan inside and the others won't, so you need to go to the one that does. The magazine will be there.
  • Flask - it is located in the red barracks while doing the objective called "Provide overwatch for Pierson".
  • Medal - This memento is located on the ground floor of the watchtower where you need to look out for Pierson. It will be inside a wooden box, so just open it and get it.

Mementos locations in Mission 11 – The Rhine

  • Canteen - this memento is located on the second floor of the tower that you need to secure early on. 
  • Stein - In the objective Rally with Pierson, go into the room where he is waiting. However, instead of actually talking to him, take the stairs there and they will lead you to a table on the upper floor.
  • Letter - this is the last one in this CoD. Again, during the same objective as before, go to the top floor and look for a letter which will be next to a machine gun nest.

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