Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Operation Absolute Zero

Dec 11 2018 4 min read

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Treyarch has added a new patch to the game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 today. You can evaluate the winter view of the map in real time in Blackout mode from the stage of falling from a helicopter. Try to notice “new smoke trails to better indicate where everyone is dropping”, which developers are talking about on their website. Also, you’ll get acquainted with several hotly awaited updates for the main Blackout experience for all platforms, including a new armour recovery system, sound enhancements, SDM and Spitfire weapon balancing, and seasonal changes throughout the map. There are also some environmental improvements in Nuketown Island, Hydro Dam, and Factory. Let’s take a closer look at all new stuff, that game developers bring us.


PlayStation 4 owners expect a large-scale update called Operation Absolute Zero tomorrow, December 11. The other platforms should wait for a week - the update will be available for them on December 18.

One of the important innovations is the new post-launch Specialist: Zero, a versatile and deadly hacker available in both Multiplayer and Blackout. You should complete Tier 1 in the Black Market to unlock Zero. According to Treyarch, the new Specialist can destroy and distract her enemies using the powerful hacking tools. 

Also, three new types of weapons will be added:

  • the Daemon 3XB SMG

  • SWAT RFT assault rifle

  • Secret Santa melee weapon

You can get your hands on these new toys in Blackjack’s Gun Game - one of the Featured Multiplayer playlists, which will start tomorrow on PS4, and through Blackout weapon drops.

New Holiday Event will start on December 13 and you have an opportunity to unlock more seasonal items through it.


The new Blackout destination - the luxury yacht Hijacked, was inspired by classic Treyarch Multiplayer map in Black Ops 2 and it will be located on the peaceful waters of the map’s northwest quadrant.

The developers also pleased us with the news that now you can throw snowballs, feel the New Year's and Christmas’ atmosphere without leaving the game, with the holiday map decorations. Also, we are waiting for new seasonal Special Event Tiers,  Custom Games, Weapon Camos, Stash interface updates on consoles, in-game promos, gameplay improvements, new unlockable Blackout characters, new Epic Specialist Outfits, shared Warpaints, and more personalization items to use in the world of Blackout.


Three new mechanics will appear in the Zombie mode:

  • Daily Callings

  • the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system

  • Daily Tier Skips for Zombies

You can try new gameplay challenges provided by Daily Callings that reward you with bonus XP and Nebulium Plasma upon completion. It can help you to level up faster, increase your earnings and invent more Elixirs and Talismans for more fun with your friends or random teammates.

The new Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system gives players a personalized code generated at the end of each match, so we can share our results, including:

  • Number of kills, deaths, downs, revives, headshots, and rounds survived;

  • Map selection, game type, numbers of players, and difficulty attempted;

  • Special Weapons, Equipment, and Talismans used;

  • Perks and Elixirs equipped;

  • Number of Elixirs consumed;

  • Match duration, score spent, the final score, and more.

 With the new update, it will be enough for you to pass 15 rounds in one game of Classic Zombies to earn Black Market Tier progression each day. Special and personal thanks to Treyarch for their Daily Tier Skip for Zombies.

 We are also promised a limited-time Winter Calling event in Zombies with new seasonal personalization rewards to unlock, which will start on December 13. Moreover, the company will roll out more cool stuff in 2019, such as Factions, new seasonal Event Callings, Phase 2 of the Black Ops Authenticity Stamp system featuring deeper player stats, and additional gameplay improvements, free for all players. Isn’t it fascinating? Can’t wait, give me more right now. 


Evolution of the Black Market

Treyarch's seasonal progress system was also reworked to simplify it:

  • Two times fewer levels of Black Market. They became only 100, and all the awards can be viewed beforehand.

  • Cosmetic items combined by one theme every 25 levels.

  • Stripes, colouring, and costumes will be used in any combination.

  • Additional weapons are the Daemon 3XB SMG submachine gun, SWAT RFT assault rifle and Secret Santa for the melee.

  • Additional Mastercraft-weapon options.

  • Additional cosmetic items.

It’s an honor to create the world of Black Ops 4 for the millions of players who enjoy our game, and we’re even more excited about all the content coming this month and beyond. Thanks for coming along on this ride with us.

We are already eager to throw the snowballs in Blackout, and try a new Specialist with all other updates in action, and you? Gather your friends from December 11 (or 18, depending on the platform) and join us.


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