Bud Light Beer League: Tekken 7 Takes Center Stage

Sep 09 2020 3 min read
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Tekken 7 is the game of choice for the Bud Light Beer League and this can only be viewed as good news for the FGC.

These are exciting times for the FGC! I know that's a weird thing considering the pandemic and all the difficulties the average individual is facing. However, as we have all sheltered at home, we have seen the FGC take some rather exciting steps. Firstly, all tournaments have either been canceled or moved to an online format, and while this takes away from the experience, it has also revealed an avenue for more tournaments.

Take, for instance, the Bud Light Beer League, which was announced by Bandai Namco back in August. The competition is one of the first to feature Tekken 7 in an online format. The rules are quite simple; there are two regions (East and West in the United States), and up to 128 players battle it out with the standard double-elimination bracket format. The winners will be rewarded with points (and some money) with the top four from each side qualifying for the finals, which will take place sometime in November.

Bud Light Beer League schedule

The latest edition of Bud Light Beer League qualifiers took place on Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020, with Suiken sweeping to victory after winning in the grand finals against Princess Ling. This was a huge boost for Suiken, who placed 7th in the first round of qualifiers. Therefore, his win shot him up to 2nd position behind Binchang, who won the first round of qualifiers and garnered 100 points in the process. Binchang's 3rd place finish in the Bud Light Beer League NA west qualifiers for this week gave him an extra 45 points, which comes to 145 points in total so far.

There are still three rounds of qualifiers to go, which means that nothing is set in stone, and we can still expect a few changes on the table.

Bud Light Beer League standings


The Bud Light Beer League 2020 NA West #2 qualifiers was a lot of fun with some pretty memorable fights that were a joy to behold. These are some of my top moments of the event.

Tasty Steve's noisy chair

Steve 'Tasty Steve' Scott is well known in the FGC and is a stalwart in the SFV and Tekken 7 commentary circuit. He was partnered by Rip, and the two provided some incredible insights on the fights, but viewers couldn't help but notice his squeaky chair, which interjected a lot of his takes. I found it endearing, but I reckon he'd want to get that fixed.

Binchang destroys Jermanji

The losers' semi-final between Binchang and Jermanji was an absolute bloodbath. Most players know that Binchang is a dominant player who is difficult to fight against; however, in the losers' semi-final, he absolutely bodied Jermanji winning six straight rounds and never looking remotely ruffled. He ended up losing to Princess Ling, but this was a display that will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Battle of the reckless

Just Frame James and Suiken met in a fight that I termed 'battle of the reckless' with the former opting for Noctis while the latter went with Eliza. The battle was a free-for-all with little in the way of tactics. While this was fun for a neutral, I can imagine the players looking back at the fight a little ruefully. Combo after combo was unleashed, with each player taking considerable damage. However, at the end of the day, Suiken's Eliza came out on top.


As mentioned earlier, there are still a lot of qualifying events to look forward to with the finals set for November. With such electrifying gameplay, you can bet that I am super stoked for what the Bud Light league 2020 still has to offer.


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