Bryle: "Envy teaches me stuff that other core players can't teach"

Jan 11 2020 3 min read

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WePlay! Bukovel Minor is on fire! And even though Fighting PandaS couldn't make it against Nigma, but they are in a great mood. We've met Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia and asked him about the team's current plans, J.Strom, North American pubs, and favorite core players. 

Special thanks to Evgen «Gufis» Kondratyev

Hi, Bryle! Tell us please about day one.

Our games yesterday were pretty fun. I think we've played pretty good in all of those games. I mean, some games were kinda bad. But I think we've learned a lot from those games, it will help us in our future tournaments or qualifiers. Seeing the results at this tournament gave us some confidence that we can play well and we have the potential. The bad thing that I didn't like is that we had to play very late, I was really tired. But it was pretty fun. 

What are your plans for the Minor?

We don't have any expectations, to be fair. We're just playing some Dota and have fun. I think TOs have created a great Christmas vibe, it is very welcoming. It's nice to be here. We're playing here at Minor to get prepared for the upcoming tournaments and qualifiers. 

You play among the four Dota veterans, how do you feel that? do they help you?

Compared to other carry players, EE might be one of the greatest that I've played with. I learn a lot from him. He teaches me stuff that other core players can't teach. It is hard to see, but I can learn a lot from him. 

What about Curtis?

Aui teaches me stuff. You know, he teaches me stuff I don't know, I teach him stuff he doesn't know. It works both ways. 

What's with J.Storm? Are you still tied by a contract?

I was kicked before TI9 but had a contract. And it was difficult for me to find a team, as I was on the contract. But my contract has expired, so it doesn't matter now, I'm with Pandas. But we're not an org, we're just a stack, you know. I don't have a contract now or whatever. 

Are you still in contact with any ex-teammates?

Sometimes I play pubs with them and I say hi and stuff. But we're not having any conversations. I do keep in touch with Park "March" Tae-won. 

How do you find NA pubs? Are they competitive enough? 

I think any pubs are actually pretty bad for developing upcoming players. They have a bad environment to play in, and the pool of the players in a region is not so big. In Europe, there's like a thousand high ranked players. In NA — two hundred. You can go 20-0 in NA pubs and it will mean nothing because you are playing with bad players. But if you play EU pubs, they are way harder. There are a lot of players way more talented. So I try to play EU pubs. 

Name the best pos1 and pos2 in the world. 

Position 1 is Ana, probably. Ana and Miracle-. Miracle- is a great carry. He farms very fast. And the midders are No[o]ne and Topson. They are both very different but are strong players.

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