Borderlands 3: Zane Guide - Abilities & Skill Tree

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Borderlands 3 is the newest title in the Borderlands franchise. Despite that, it has many new things which separate it from the previous titles. For example, one new feature is the ability to equip any Action Skill right from the start of the game. This is definitely a huge plus because there will be no need for you to spend time leveling in order to unlock them. However, every single action skill is different for each class, which is why you should know all of them. After all, you can only become good at a certain game if you know what to expect from your enemy. 

The Zane Class & Skill trees

Zane is a very distinctive class in Borderlands mainly due to the fact that he can equip two Action Skills instead of one. However, in order to have this power, Zane must give up on the ability to have grenades, which is a huge flaw, especially when they are among the best weapons in the game.

In terms of the skill trees, they work very similarly to the ones in the previous two titles. There are a total of three trees to choose from per class. When you use a skill point for each ability in the specific three, it will unlock further tiers. Of course, the more tiers you have from a certain tier, the better.

Let's take a more in-depth look at each skill three and the specifics behind it.

Human Skill Tree

First, let's see the various Action Skills

  • SNTNL - When you use this spell, you send into battle an automated SNTNL drone that will fly over and attack your enemies. In addition, if you press the LB or RB while the spell is active, it will force it to attack the enemies which Zane targeted. The entire duration of this spell is ten seconds and it has a 36 seconds cooldown. Having said that, the machine gun itself does 10 damage.

    In terms of the Augments, there are a few of them and each has a different effect.

    The first one is called WInter's Drone and it converts the Machine Gun weapon to cryo damage.
    Bad Dose is available in Tier 3 and it makes SNTNL shoot random beams of radiation which makes the enemies vulnerable and buffs Zane with movement speed and an increases fire rate.
    Static Field is also Tier 3 and it makes SNTNL spawn a field which shocks the enemies. In addition, it also drains their shields and restores Zane's. The shield does 2 damage per second and has a 2 seconds cooldown.
    Boomsday is one of the two Tier 4 and it basically adds a rocket pod to SNTNL's primary weapon that does 50 damage.
    Last, but certainly not least, we have the Almighty Ordnance.  It is also a Tier 4 and it allows SNTNL to fire a  missile barrage in a target area. What's more, if an enemy is killed, the duration of  Almighty  Ordnance is reset. The missile does 25 damage and there are five of them in total per barrage.
  • Passive abilities - Tier one

    Violent Speed -  after you kill an enemy, Zane gains increased Movement Speed for eight seconds.
    Cold Bore - Zane gains +15% weapon speed and also 6% bonus cryo damage for the next shot fired.
    Violent Momentum - The gun's damage used by Zane is increased by 6% at default walking speed. However, the quicker he moves, the more bonus damage there is.
  • Tier Two
    Cool Hand  - a +2% increased reload speed passively and +3% after killing an enemy. Having said that, the total duration is 8 seconds.
    Drone Delivery - SNTRY will drop a free grenade every 15 seconds based on your current grenade mod.
    Salvation - After killing an enemy, Zane's weapon will get a 4% lifesteal from the damage done.
  • Tier three
    Seein' Red - Whenever you activate an action skill, it will automatically activate all of Zane's kill skills.
  • Tier four
    Violent Violence - After you kill an enemy, Zane's fire rate is increased by 4% for eight seconds.
    Playing Dirty - Zane's next five shots all have a 10% chance to fire an additional projectile after killing an enemy.
    Extra Sho.
  • Tier five
    Good Misfortune - Whenever Zane kills an enemy, his skill duration is increased up to 5%.
  • Tier six
    Death Follow Close  - All of Zane's skills receive an increased effect and duration.

    Double Agent Skill Three

The action skill here is called Digi-Clone. It basically spawns a Digi-Clone of Zane, which stays in place but does damage. In addition, whenever you press LB or RB while the clone is active, Zane swaps positions with him. This last for 18 seconds and has a 26 seconds cooldown.

Skill Augments

  • Tier two

    Binary System - When Zane swaps his position with the clone, a nova appears which does 66 damage.
  • Tier three
    Schadenfreude - Zane's shield is restored each time the clone takes damage.
    Which One's Real? - For the first two seconds after the close is summoned, the enemies are more likely to attack him.
  • Tier four
    Doppelbanger - You have the opportunity to end the Clone's duration faster so that he can explode. The amount of damage depends on the skill time remaining.
    Digital Distribution - The clone will absorb some of the damage taken by Zane.

Passive Abilities

  • Tier One
    Synchronicity - Zane gains +2% gun damage for each spell which he uses.
    Praemunitus - The magazine size of Zane and his close is increased by 4%.
    Borrowed Time - Zane gains increased action skill for every action which he activates.
  • Tier two
    Donnybrook - If an enemy dies from either Zane or his clone, they gain +2% gun damage and + 0.5% HP regen for 8 seconds.
    Fractal Frags - The Clone can copy a grenade mod when it's first activated and if he dies, he drops a free grenade.  What's more, if you kill an enemy while the clone is active, he has a 30% chance to throw a grenade.
    Duct Tape Mod - With each first shot fired from Zane there is a 5% chance to fire a grenade.
  • Tier three
    Quick Breather - The shield recharges immediately after Zane swaps his place with his clone.
  • Tier four
    Pocket full of Grenades - After each kill, Zane gains a grenade regeneration for a few seconds.
    Old-U - You have to chance to sort of sacrifice your clone in order to get full hp again.
    Supersonic Man - Zane gains increased movement speed for each active skill.
  • Tier Five
    Like a Ghost - Zane and his clone have the ability to dodge bullets. In addition, this chance is increased after a skill has been activated and it also stacks.
    Boom. Enhance - The Digi-Clone consumes up to 3 grenades when summoned. However, for every one of them, he gainst increased gun damage, max HP, fire rate and reload speed.
    Trick of the Light - Zane deals bonus damage against enemies which are not currently targeting him.
  • Tier six
    Double Barrel - Whenever the clone gets summoned, he has a copy of Zane's current weapon. In addition, whenever Zane swaps position with him, both of them gain more gun damage.

UnderCover Skill Tree

The action skill here is called Barrier and it basically blocks any incoming projectiles.  In addition to that, Zane and his allies have the opportunity to shoot through and also have increased gun damage. What's more, you can also pick up and hold the barrier, however, the size and bonuses are also decreased. This spell has a 9 seconds duration and 18 seconds cooldown.

Skill Augments

  • Tier Two
    Charged Relay - Whenever someone from your team touches the barrier, they gain more movement speed and fire rate.
  • Tier Three
    Nanites or Some Shite - Zane and his allies have bonus HP regen, increased reload speed and a better shield recharge delay. The lower their health, the more they regen.
    All-Rounder - An amazing ability which basically makes the barrier cover all sides.
  • Tier four
    Redistribution - After the barrier takes damage, Zane and his allies do more gun damage.
    Deterrence Field - If an enemy touches the barrier, they will damage and be stunned briefly.

Passive Abilities

  • Tier One
    Adrenaline - Zane gains an increased action skill cooldown rate based on the number of shields that he has.
    Hearty Stock - Zane's Shield capacity is increased.
    Ready for Action - An improved shield recharge rate and shield recharge delay.
  • Tier two
    Brainfreeze - On each crit that Zane does, there is a 2.5% chance for the enemies to be slowed.
    Stiff Upper Lip - Whenever Zane is damaged, he gains a +5% damage resistance to that specific damage type.
    Rise to the occasion - An HP regen, depending on how low Zane's Shield is.
  • Tier three
    Confident Competence - Depending on the amount of shield he has, Zane gains up to 10% gun damage and 22% accuracy.
  • Tier Four
    Really Expensive Hacket - Elemental damage over time effects applied to Zane have a -50% duration.
    Best Served Cold -  With each enemy that Zane kills, he creates a cryo nova, dealing AoE damage.
    Futility Belt - All elemental damage taken by Zane is converted to non-elemental damage for a short duration after a kill.
  • Tier Five
    Refreshment - Whenever Zane damages frozen enemies, his weapons lifesteal a certain percentage.
    Calm, Cool, Collected - Whenever an enemy gets frozen, Zane's shield starts to recharge. If it is full, he will regen some HG for a few seconds. However, if that's full too, Zane's action skill CD will immediately reset.
    Nerves of Steel - Zane gains increasing accuracy and handling depending on his shield.
  • Tier six
    Distributed Denial - Zane's barrier gains the effects of his currently equipped shield mod.  What's more, the shield effects are also applied to allies who are near the barrier.

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