Borderlands 3: Shift & Vip Codes, golden keys and rewards

Oct 18 2019 3 min read

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Borderlands 3 is one of the most interesting games you can play right now. There are literally endless ways for you to have fun with your friends. Having said that,  many players are not aware of the fact that you can actually use various in-game codes in order to redeem different things.  Let's take a look at what are those codes, and how can you actually put them into good use.

Swift Codes - Everything you need to know

The swift codes allow you to get various different cosmetic items for the different characters in the game, as well as Golden Keys. As the name suggests, those Golden Keys can be used to get even better loot and also open many secrets while you are playing Borderlands 3. 

The swift codes are given randomly when you start to follow Gearbox. However, it is very likely that they can be distributed during some of the events which happen in the game. That's why it is important to always watch out because you might end up missing out on a potential swift code. 

Lastly, in order to be able to use the keys, you need to create your very own Swift Account, so be sure not to forget this either.

Golden Keys 

As we mentioned, the Golden Keys are very useful. In order to get them, you have to use either the Shif Codes or the VIP Rewards programs. 

It is worth pointing out that the rewards you get from opening chests with the golden keys are usually very strong. In fact, you can even end-up with a couple of different types of weapons, depending on your current level. In addition, there are various armors, grenade modes, and other cool stuff.

Once you get a golden key, have to go to Sanctuary 3 in order to redeem it.

Collecting your rewards

In order to collect the keys in the game itself, you have to follow a couple of steps. First, go to the Main Menu and press on the Social tab. Once done, look for a mail icon somewhere at the top, press it and it will send you directly to the Mail menu. There you will see if you have any rewards or keys to get. Keep it in mind that sometimes it might take a little bit more time until you see them, so don't give up!


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