Borderlands 3: Moze Guide - Skill Tree & Abilities

Sep 23 2019 6 min read

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There is not really much to say about Borderlands 3 other than it's a pretty damn amazing game. In fact, the stats pretty much speak for themselves - just a couple of days after its release, it became one of the most popular games out there. 

Borderlands 3 adds many new things to the table such as quests and events. However, definitely the most notable change is related to the four new Vault Hunters. One of the most unique ones is Moze the Gunner. He is perfect for the people who want to do massive amounts of damage while also being hard to kill. In order to achieve this, Moze uses his deadly friend Iron Bear who is also susceptible to upgrades such as grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and much other cool stuff, making it even more deadly than it already is.

Let's take a look at each of Moze's skill trees so you can decide which one is suitable for you. Keep it in mind that they could change in the future after various updates, so be sure to check if the skills are still the same.

The Bottomless Mags - Moze skill tree

The action skill here is called Minigun and it allows your Iron bear to have a gun that does a lot of damage. Unfortunately, it is possible to overheat, so you have to keep that in mind.


  • Could of Lead - a passive ability allowing Moze and her Iron Bear to sometimes do bonus damage without the need of ammo
  • Dakka Bear - this adds a turret on the back of the bear, making it even more deadly than it already is
  • Matched set -  this is a pretty tricky skill that allows Moze's weapons not to overheat that fast. However, in order for it to work, she needs to have gear made from the same manufacturer. 
  • Stoke the Embers - increases the incendiary damage done by Moze and her Iron Bear
  • Redistribution - if Moze manages to get a critical hit, this will regenerate some ammo. This skill can be extremely useful in certain scenarios.
  • Scrappy - improves Moze's handling, weapon swap and also increases the motion switch speed while she is on the move.
  • Scorching RPM's - increases her fire rating, as well as the critical hit damage, was done
  • Rushin' Offensive - this allows Moze to spring and shoot at the same time, which can be absolutely devastating in some cases
  • Specialist Bear - if the bear has the same weapons equipped, this will increase the damage of both of them
  • The Iron Bank - increases Moze's magazine size 
  • "Click, Click" - this increases Moze's gun damage when her magazine empties
  • Forge - definitely the strongest skill here. It allows Moze to regenerate ammo whenever the weapons are equipped. This allows having a lot more sustain during long team fights.

Demolition Woman - Moze Skill Tree

The active skill here is called V-32 Grenade Launcher and it is a semi-automatic grenade launcher that does a pretty significant amount of damage. The good thing is that Moze's grenades are not wasted when this is equipped, which is definitely a huge bonus


  • Grizzled - when you kill an enemy, it reduces the cooldown of Moze's action skill
  • Deadlines - using your Iron Bear will require less fuel, making it a lot more efficient
  • Fire in the Skag Den - this allows Moze to do even more AoE damage on every splash attack. It can work wonders in certain sticky situations
  • Means of Destruction - a very powerful skill that gives Moze the chance to get back a grenade whenever she does splash damage. In addition, she also gets back certain ammo
  • Torgue Cross-Promotion - another amazing splashing skill that allows Moze to have a certain chance of doubling the size of her Splash damage.
  • Pull the Holy Pin - if Moze hits people with her grenades, there is a chance that she will score a critical hit
  • Stainless Steel Bear - as the name suggests, this ability is connected to the Iron Bear, allowing it to have more armor and better fuel efficiency
  • Auto Bear - a powerful skill that allows the Iron Bear to attack her nearby enemies even when Moze exits it. In addition, once it is out of ammo, she will just charge at one of Moze's enemies and destroy itself.
  • Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades - this increases her grenade capacity
  • Vampyr - Whenever Moze does damage to her enemies, she will restore a portion of her health
  • To the Last - when Moze enters the so-called "Fight for your life" state, she can throw grenades.  What's more, if the same grenade gets thrown before Second Wind occurs, she will get it back
  • Explosive Punctuation - upon doing splash damage, Moze's action skill cooldown rate is increased for a brief period of time
  • Short Fuse - when she deals damage, there is a chance for a second explosion on her target

Shield of Retribution - Moze Skill Tree

Railgun is a pretty amazing action skill that allows Moze's projectiles the chance of doing extra shock damage. This can be very strong, especially if you are facing some pretty tanky enemies.


  • Armored Infantry - this skill allows Moze to get bonus damage reduction, as well as more gun damage whenever her shields are up. As you can guess, this happens pretty often.
  • Security Bear - you will often find that your enemies will try to focus down your bear in order to remove it completely for the game. Well, this ability allows it to have more protection by gaining a bubble shield that reduces a certain percentage of damage. Even though it will not save her entirely, it will still give you some time to react properly.
  • Selfless Vengeance - this skill allows Moze to deal more incendiary damage, as well as increasing the damage of her allies' weapons. However, the trade is that she loses a small portion of her health, which means that you need to be careful when you are actually using this.
  • The Red Line - this is a very strange skill which might seem pretty good sometimes but it depends a lot on the situation. It allows Moze to lose a certain percentage of her max health in order to increase her shields.
  • Drowning in Brass - whenever Moze kills an enemy she will receive this stacking ability. It basically reduces her fire rating while also increasing the gun damage to her weapons as well as her allies'.  This can work wonders in certain situations, especially if you are in need of more damage.
  • Vladof Ingenuity - a very strong defensive spell that increases Moze's shields and also adds shock resistance.
  • Full Can of Whoop-Ass - another very strong defensive ability that allows faster shield recharges whenever Moze hops on her bear. In addition, this also works for her allies, which means that sometimes she must do this even though her shields are up, just to help her allies.
  • Experimental Munitions - a cool passive skill which adds bonus incendiary damage whenever Moze lands a critical hit
  • Desperate measures - as the name suggests, Moze's gun damage is increased by a certain percentage depending on how much health she lost. This is a very powerful skill if you use it right but it also requires a lot of teamwork.
  • Behind the Iron Curtain - this is a defensive skill that allows Moze's shield to recharge faster.
  •  Phalanx Doctrine - this is another cool stacking skill that occurs whenever after Moze kills an enemy. It increases the maximum damage that your shield can take as well as your gun damage of 30 seconds.
  • Force Feedback - another critical-hit based ability that allows Moze's shield to start recharging right after she lands a critical hit.
  • Tenacious Defence - the last skill here is also defensive. Whenever Moze's shield is depleted, she will automatically regain a port of her shield and also have a bonus to her gun damage for a brief period of time. However, this ability can only occur again once her shield fully recharges, making the "abusement" of it pretty hard.

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