Borderlands 3: FL4K Guide - Skill Tree & Abilities

Sep 19 2019 7 min read

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At this point, it's nearly impossible not knowing about Borderlands 3. Ever since the game came out nearly a week ago it quickly took over the world. That said, Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter where you can either play alone or with your friends. Once logged in, you need to choose one of the four available classes, which with its amazing abilities and role in the game. Similar to the other Borderlands 3 games, there are many things to do such as quests, events and more, which all provide you with experience. Once you gain level, you can use the skill points you get and put them into one of the different skill trees.

Having said that, today we will focus on one of the coolest Vault Hunters right now - Fl4k. He is very interesting because he has a wide range of cool spells such as teleporting and more. Also, let's not forget his armed pets which can do devastating damage to his enemies.

Let's take a look at the different skill trees of Fl4k, the Beastmaster.

Fl4k Master Skill Tree

The action skill here is called Gamma Burst and it allows Fl4k to make a rift at a target location and then teleport through it with his pet. While doing this, he deals with radiation damage to all enemies in close range. In addition, his bet becomes bigger and deals with bonus damage on his attacks.

Apart from the action skill, Fl4k starts the game here with Skag, who has the capability of vomiting acid, which does a significant amount of damage to Fl4k's enemies.


  • Ferocity - allows Fl4k's pet to deal more damage
  • Go For the Eyes! - a very strong skill which makes the first attack for his pet to be a guaranteed critical hit
  • Persistence Hunter - increases his gin damage as well as the duration of his Action Skill
  • Who Rescued Who? - a life-stealing ability which allows FL4k to regen HP based on his pet's damage. Also, this works Vise-Versa - his pet also regens when he does damage for a few seconds.
  • Frenzy -  Fl4k and his pet deal more damage whenever his pet attacks the enemy
  • He bites! - When Fl4k takes damage, the pet does a percentage of it to the person who attacked Fl4k
  • Hive Mind - Fl4k shares a portion of the damage done to him with his pet
  • Barbaric Yawp - bonus stats for Fl4k's pets
  • Psycho Head on a Stick - on every kill, Fl4k gets bonus damage and movement speed
  • Mutated Defences - the pet gets damage reduction and more HP regen when it has low HP
  • Shared spirit - as the name suggests, a portion of the damage taken by Fl4k is shared to his pet
  • Pack Tactic - increases the maximum damage by Fl4k and his pet
  • Dominance - Fl4k makes an enemy temporarily an ally, allowing him to use them in his own advantage. If that enemy is a beast, the duration is doubled.

Fl4k Hunter Skill Tree

The action skill here is called Rakk Attack which allows you to send two Rakk that bomb your enemies. Unlike the previous pet, this one is called Spiderant Centurion and it regenerates his and Fl4k's maximum HP by 1% per second.


  • Interplanetary Stalker - This is a stacking ability that occurs after killing an enemy. Apart from increasing the damage done, Fl4k also gets different bonuses depending on what is the target that got killed.
  • Leave No Trace - this allows you to have the chance to refund one round to the magazine on each critical hit. That said, the chance is not that high, so keep it in mind.
  • Second Intention - this increases Fl4k's reload speed when he kills an enemy. In addition, if it's a critical strike, it will increase it even more.
  • Hunter's Eye - Fl4k gets different bonuses depending on the types of the enemy he is fighting. This can be very useful in certain situations.
  • Head Count - If Fl4k lands a critical hit, there is a chance that his action skill cooldown gets reduced a bit.
  • Ambush Predator - this skill increases his weapon handling as well as the crit damage when there are no enemies close to Fl4k. 
  • Two F4ng -  an amazing skill which gives you a certain change to fire two projectiles on one shot
  • Big game - as the name suggests, this increases Fl4k's damage skills and their duration
  • The Most Dangerous Game - this skill works whenever Fl4k kills a stronger enemy. It increases his critical and gun damage, as well as his handly for a brief period of time.
  • Galactic Shadow - Fl4k will deal more damage against enemies who are usually not likely to attack him
  • Grim Harvest - this skill allows Fl4k to have more a higher gun and action skill damage
  • Megavore - increases Fl4k's chance for a critical hit with all his weapons and against all enemies.

Fl4k Stalker Skill Tree

The action skill here is probably one of the coolest ones in the game. It's called Fade Away and it basically allows Fl4k to become invisible and able to shoot up to three attacks which are always a critical hit. In addition to that, you also get increased movement speed and HP regen, which is just insane, especially if you use it in certain situations.

In terms of pets, the one which will be helping you here is called Jabber, which is actually pretty cool-looking because it has a pistol. Whenever Jabber is nearby, Fl4k gets a bonus movement speed. What's more, when Jabber attacks, he can also throw a radiation barrel which does good AoE damage and can work wonders against certain types of enemies.


  • Self-Repairing System - this skill allows Fl4k to have increased maximum health while also constantly regenerating a certain percentage of it. In other words, it makes the already hard to kill character even harder.
  • Sic'Em - the attack command used to control Jabber has less cooldown and more damage. A win/win scenario.
  • Furious Attack - This is a very strong stacking ability which allows Fl4k to deal more damage with his guns, as well as have better overall handling. The effect starts stacking once he shoots at an enemy.
  • Overclocked - As the name suggests, this increases Fl4k's firing speed after he reloads.
  • All My BFF's - this is an incredibly strong skill to have if you want to take care of your team. Once you use it, Fl4k gives a portion of his HP regen to his allies. What's more, if they also happen to have pets, they will get twice the amount of the HP regen, which will often make them pretty much unkillable.
  • Eager to Impress - If Fl4k kills an enemy, it will reduce the cooldown of his Action Skill. This effect can be even greater if the enemy dies from Fl4k's pet. What's more, it will even refresh the attack command as well, which means that you can do some insane damage if you time this correctly.
  • Lick the Wounds - This skill allows your pet to revive your allies once they are killed. Even though this might seem to be overpowered, that's not really the case. In fact, it is nearly impossible to happen because your enemies will always notice this and do everything in their power to prevent it from happening.
  • Turn Tail and Run - Fl4k now constantly regenerates his health while also gaining damage reduction when he is moving. However, if he stays still in one place, he will have bonus damage, as well as an increased fire rate. In other words, use this skill to your advantage depending on the situation you are currently in.
  • Hidden Machine - if your enemy is currently attacking a different target, this will allow you to deal bonus damage to them while they are doing it.
  • Rage and Recover - once Fl4k or his pet kill any enemy, they will have a bonus health regeneration for a brief period of time
  • The Fast and the Furious - this is a very strong skill that allows Fl4k to do more damage if he has more than half of his HP. This happens very often because he has plenty of HP regeneration mechanisms.
  • The Power Inside - whenever Fl4k uses his action skill, he and his pet deal bonus damage. What's more, if he is at max HP, this damage is doubled.

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