Borderlands 3: FL4K Builds & Leveling Guide

Sep 23 2019 5 min read

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Fl4k is one of the four new Vault Hunters that were introduced in the latest chapter of Borderlands. As you can guess, he is pretty popular due to his various different unique skills. That said, in order to be able to put up a challenge against your enemies, you need to know how to actually level Fl4k, what skills to choose, how to focus on doing critical damage, "aggro relieving" and much more.

One of the biggest pluses of Fl4k is that he is one of the best characters to play alone. That's because he can do a lot of damage and also has three very powerful companions - Skag, Jabber, and Spiderant. Not only are they capable of doing insane damage, but they can also take a lot of aggro on them, which means that you will not have as much pressure compared to some of the other Vault Hunters.

It is important to know that Fl4k's strongest aspect is his offensive skills. However, this means that unless you play him the right way, it will be very hard for you to stay alive. Fortunately, he has a couple of skills that can make up for this, especially those who have a lot of health regeneration.

Let's take a look at the current most popular build for Fl4k. Having said that, be sure to always check what are the latest updates because most guides are only relevant during a time period.  

Hunter Skill Tree Level 2-7

As with any other new Vault Hunter, the fun begins as soon as you hit level two. After this moment, you will have the opportunity to choose an action skill and a pet. Pretty much all three pets are pretty cool but it seems like the best one, for now, is the Spiderant Centurion, which is very hard to kill and it also gives you a 1% HP regen. In addition to that, you can even issue the attack command and it will start attacking your enemies, which will give you some space to move around.

In terms of the Action Skill, Gamma Burst is definitely the go-to option because of the AoE damage and buffs.

Once you reach level 3, it's time to focus on some skills. First, go to the Hunter tree and put two skill points into the Interplanetary Staler and 3 in Leave No trace. Both of those skills will give you different bonuses whenever you kill a target. The increased bonus damage you get depends a lot on the type of enemy you kill, so bear this in mind.

Leave No Trace is also an important skill because you can add free ammo in your chamber, which translates in a longer uptime before you have to reload.

Level 8-12

Once you reach the second tear, there will be a pretty cool augment called Rakk Attack. It is definitely advisable to put it on your Gamma Burst because it will allow you to convert the skill's damage into cryo. As you know, this means that you will have the chance to freeze your enemies.

Head Count is worth putting two skill points in because it reduces the cooldown of your action skill whenever you do damage. Lastly, use all the points you have left (they should be five) into Interplanetary Stalker.

Level 13-17

The third tier has a couple of important checkpoints for you to visit. First, Two F4ng is a definite must because it gives you a 25% chance to fire an extra bullet, so use five points here.

This tier will also unlock another augment called Falconer's Feast, which is essentially a life-stealing ability. Whether or not you want to swap it out for the previous one is entirely up to you though. However, you can just add this you the second action skill and call it a day.

Finally, another great bonus here is related to your Siderant, because it will give you 10% additional elemental damage.

Level 18-22

The Most Dangerous Game is the first skill in which you have to invest three points here. It will give you pretty good bonuses whenever you kill a strong enemy, which will happen very often with Fl4nk.

There is another augment here called Flock 'n' Load, which will allow you to have four Rakks at once.  Needless to say, this is just awesome!

Level 23-28

Rakkcelerate is a very strong augment because it will give you one extra charge to your Action Skill as well as a 20% cooldown rate reduction.

The first skill in the fifth tier which is worth getting is Galactic Shadow, which will provide you with 15% more critical damage. Once done, use three points into the Hunter's Eye and one into Big Game.

Next, we have Megavore, which is basically the"cap" in this skill tree. This spell allows you to crit with your rocket and grenade launchers, flamethrowers, atlas, torque weapons and more. In addition, it also gives you the opportunity to crit enemies way easier.

The final spells here which are worth getting are Head Count and leave no Trace because they give you a lot more ammo regen and cooldown reductions.

Stalker Skill Tree Level 29-33

Now, let's take a look at what the Stalker skill tree has to offer. Of course, the first tier is fairly easy - use five points into Furious Attack because it will give you bonus damage and handling whenever you are shooting at an enemy.

Level 34-38

The second tier in this skill tree is very straightforward. First, get Eager to Impress because it reduced your cooldowns even further, which stacks with the other CD reduction abilities. Once done, put four points into Overclocked which increases the fire rate of your weapon.

Level 39-43

The third Stalker tier is pretty cool as there are a couple of important spells to get. Before doing this, make sure to equip Fade Away with the two augments Guerrillas in the Mist and Not My Circus. Both of them are very good to have.

Next, use one point in Lick The Wounds which will allow you to revive your companion when it dies. After that, spend 3 points into Turn Tail and Run in order to boost your survivability while on the move. What's more, this skill also allows you to do bonus damage while you are in one position.

Level 44-50

Use three points into The Fast and the Furryous and then two points to Eager to Impress. Once you reach the fifth tier, you will be able to also add Unblinking Eye, a very powerful augment. It will give you 200+% critical damage and 50% critical damage from Guerrillas in the Mist. 


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