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Sep 18 2019 9 min read

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Borderlands 3 just came out a couple of days ago and quickly became one of your favorites games! That said, this game shares a lot with the previous games when it comes down to missions, defeating enemies and getting loot from those you kill. However, Borderlands 3 also introduces four new amazing playable characters - Amara, who is a Siren that is capable of dealing devastating damage; Moze, the master of the Iron Bear; Zane, one of the all-time favorite characters to play who is famous for his gadgets and Fl4k, the so-called Robot-Beastmaster, who is capable of summoning many powerful creatures on his side in order to tear down the enemies lineup.

If you played the previous Borderlands games you probably know that each character had only one unique skill which had a decently timed cooldown. Well, this changes here because each character can unlock three unique skills. However, Zane is the only one who is capable of equipping two at a time.  The rest can only use one.

Borderlands 3 builds

Each Vault Hunter has its own unique skill tree. That said, according to the creators of the game, there are over one billion weapons and numerous other clas modes, which makes making a good build not an easy task. That's why we decided to put together some of the most popular builds in order to make your life easier. Needless to say, this will only be relevant for the time being, so be sure to keep yourself up to date with the latest changes in the game so that these builds can be effective.

Another thing to note is that Borderlands is a game that has a huge RNG factor.  So, it's not really possible to include any elements from that, which is why we will mostly focus on a certain playstyle, weapon choice, and small clutch plays. Of course, if you manage to have a certain amount of RNG there as well, the effect will definitely be a lot bigger.

Let's dive in.

The Boss Slayer Moze

This is one of the easiest and yet supper effective build which, as the name suggests, allows you to fight bosses relatively easy. That said, the first thing that you want to have from the Railgun skill three is the Security bear, followed by stacking as many points as possible into the Armored Infantry. As you know, this will give you an immense damage reduction, as well as more damage overall whenever you have active shields on. 

In terms of which shields to use, all of them have their ups and downs. Be sure to check our weapon guide in order to choose the one which suits you the most.

Once you do all that is mentioned above, get the single point tree, followed by the three points for the Desperate Measures and Behind The Iron Curtain, which will basically allow you to do more damage with your guns and have a faster shield recharges. What's more, once you do this, you will also gain access to the PGalanx Doctrine and Force Feedback, which will give you the opportunity to do a lot of cool headshots. In fact, if you manage to land a crit shot, it will also begin to recharge your shields.

Afterward, be sure not to miss out on the Tenacious Defence, which allows you to get guns and shield buffs for a couple of seconds. Think of this as an escape card which you can use in sticky situations

Now that we are in the Minigunt ree, get the Dakka bear, followed by Cloud of Lead which will buff your overall damage. In the following tier, Scrappy seems to be one of the best options because it allows you to be a lot more mobile, which is very important in this game. While we are on this page, Rushin' Offensive is yet another must because it will allow you to shoot and run at the same time, which is again invaluable in certain situations.

Last, but definitely not least, we have the Iron Bear talent - Deadlines. To make a long story short, it will make your bear a lot stronger.

The Shocking Amara

Amara is one of the coolest Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3, which will make her the go-to option for some players. That's why it is important to see which build will work best.

The main thing here is Rush because it stacks and increases your damage. That's why it is important to get Do Harm to the max as fast as possible. It is located in the Mystical Assault tree. Once done, opt for the Violent Tapestry which is also related to "improving" your stacks of Rush.

The next stop is Ascendant and Soul Sap which actually works pretty good together because you get a lot of lite steel. Remnant is also a must here because your ricochet effect will allow you to get more Rush stacks which translate into more damage. The same goes for Avatar, however, instead of providing you bonuses to Rush,it will allow you to use your action skill if it's on cooldown, which is just retardedly strong, especially in some situations. What's more, if you actually kill anyone with it, half of the Rush stacks you used will be returned to you, allowing you to do an even "harder" strike next time. The last skill from this skill tree is Awakening. It is important because of the buffs to Rush stacks.

Lastly, we have the Fist of Element skill tree. Even though it is not as important as those we mentioned above, it is still worth pointing it out.

First, you need to take Tempest and Anime which will increase your elemental damage and status effects, allowing you to have a way more powerful action skill. After you do this, put a lot of points in Wilfire because it will allow you to spread your stuff to the nearby enemies, resulting in an insane amount of overall damage. Indiscriminate is also a very important aspect of this build because it allows your ricochet bullets to apply the elemental effects, which results in more stacks and more buffs.

Digi-Cloning Zane

Zane's Digi Clone is one of the coolest things to use in Borderlands 3. That's why we decided to make a build which mainly focuses on this, allowing you to use it as much as possible. 

The first skill in which you want to "invest" some points is Synchronicity, which will add a 20% gun damage buff for every active skill you've used. Of course, Donnybrook is also a must because it will make your Digi-Clone harder to kill due to its regeneration buff. After all, this build is mainly focused on it so it goes without saying that every single thing which buffs it is a good choice. The same applies to Praemunitus and Quick Breather - another must. Last, but not least here, we have Borrowed Time, a very underrated thingy which will basically allow you to have your active skill for a longer period of time. Despite that, many people tend to skip this for some reason.

The next thing on your radar should be Pocket Full Of Grenades, Supersonic Man and Old U. All of these are small buffs to your damage and movement speed, allowing you to be harder to kill while doing more damage. The next choice on your list is Boom Enhance, which will allow your Digi-Clone to use a grenade when it's activated. You might ask, why is this any good when it's going to basically "waste" my grenade?

Well, it is good because your Digi-Clone will get tons of buffs such as 200+% max health, 60% gun damage, 75% longer duration, 15% fire rate, and 93% reload rate, which is just insane. Let's not forget that the Digi-Clone is the main attraction in this build. 

Once you've basically buffed it to oblivion, you also need to take the Schadenfreude and Which One's Ral? in order to make it even better by restoring your shields.

The last skill tree here is Under Cover and it's definitely not as important as some mentioned above but there are still some skills worth picking up. The first one is Brain Freeze because it's just easier to fight against frozen enemies. There are a couple of more things here which you can try such as Best Served Cold and Futility Belt for example. However, what stands out here is the Calm, Cool, Collect skill which gives a wide range of buffs to Zane, allowing him to be even stronger.

Fading Fl4k

The last build for today is about Fl4k, one of the coolest Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. That said, this build will mainly focus on him moving around and doing constant damage via his annoying abilities. 

In order to start, be sure to max out Persistence Hunter, which lets you regen your HP and basically move around the map very fast. That makes it a perfect combo with your Fade Away action skill. Next, we have the Jabber Sidekick, another movement buff which allows you to just run away from your enemies. Of course, you can also use it to chase people around, it's entirely up to you. Just be aware of the position of your team-mates because you don't want to end up too far away from them because there will be no one to help you.

Now that we cleared out the movement buffs, let's focus on what's really important here - doing damage. First, you want to put five skill points in Furious Attack which can be paired with Overclocked, allowing you to have an increased firing speed,  which translates into more overall damage.

Another very cool skill here is Turn Tail and Run. Not only does it provide you with more weapon damage and fire rate, but it also reduces the damage you take while you run, which works wonders with the first couple of skills we mentioned. That's why you can basically use Fade Away as a regenerating mechanism while your running and then, once ready, stay still and start shooting.

Next, we have yet another cool thing for you to get - Not My Circus. This active skill augment allows you the ability to taunt and activate the Hidden Machine skill, which is pretty cool. 

So, at this point, you probably have a couple of points left. Well, it is very advisable to spend them on pretty much any damage, firing or crit damage buffs that you prefer. The good thing here is that there are a couple of them left, so you will at least have a choice - Ambush Predator, Leave No Trace, Second Intention. 


These builds are one of the strongest ones you can use right now. That said, be sure to take into consideration all the possible updates which will inevitably happen. It is very possible that these builds will not be that good once some of the core skills get changed.


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